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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Above? That's me with Ben. OF BEN & JERRY. I got to visit their Vermont HQ this week - more about that soon!

Battenberg Cake: A good showoff cake for Spring, and to consider for upcoming Mother's Day. (Serious Eats)

This vegan lemon meringue pie features a meringue top made with...chickpeas!? (Seitan Beats Your Meat) - thanks Ren for the lead!

Unicorn wine holder. Truly magical. (Amazon) - thanks Ren for the lead!

Desserts, pastries, and candy named after famous people. (CakeSpy)

Strawberry Shortcakes made with strawberry biscuits. The fruit makes it health food, and the perfect early spring treat. (Grandbaby Cakes)

Cute DIY Easter treats. Coo-worthy fo' sho'. (Cool Mom Picks)

Um...what is the difference between baking soda and baking powder? (Craftsy)

Chocolate. Covered. Brownie. Ice. Cream. Sandwich. (Good Life Eats)

In case you missed it: Cadbury Creme Egg Rolls. (CakeSpy)

Simple lemon pudding. Sounds about right to me. (One Hungry Mama)

Good question: how can I make homemade bread less dense? (The Kitchn)

Veggie stew. Not sweet, but you have to warm up for cake somehow. (Craftsy)

I make a pretty darned good interview. (Foody Direct)

Book of the week: Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book. Before I went to Vermont this week, I actually didn't know this book existed, but it's great. It features the story of how the company started and took off (which is pretty interesting and worth buying the book alone) plus some accessible ice cream recipes. It's a good book to have on your shelf.



Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Yumsies: Cadbury Creme Egg in Hole Toast. (Serious Eats)

Ever heard of zerde? It involves rice and saffron, and it's dessert. (Binnur's Turkish Cookbook)

Peeps art. (CakeSpy)

Ever heard of Chelsea buns? They're a classic London treat. (Londonist)

Homemade Samoas. Not the Indian snack (that's samosas). (Craftsy)

I'm intrigued by the Krispy Kreme peanut butter cup doughnut. (Tech Times)

Peanut butter s'mores bars. Oh yum. (BruCrew Life)

Nut-hugging bears. Adorable, not creepy. (Bored Panda

Did you hear me being awesome and cute on this podcast? (Season with Sass)

I'm into these cloverleaf rolls. (Baked Bree)

How to make ganache with cocoa powder instead of chopped chocolate. (CakeSpy)

Peeps Milk will ruin your child's sense of what milk should taste like. (Grub Street)

Thin Mints pancakes, on the other hand, will ruin nobody's sense of taste. Quite the opposite. (Heather's French Press)

Coconut banana cream pie. Be still my beating heart. (Crazy for Crust)

Book of the week: Peanut Butter & Cupcake. I love kids' books, and this one just made me SMILE. I feel like if you just read the synopsis, it will make you smile, too:

What’s a little piece of bread to do when he’s feeling lonely? Find a friend, of course! And that’s exactly what Peanut Butter tries to do. But sometimes friends are hard to come by, especially when Hamburger has to walk his (hot) dogs, Cupcake is too busy building castles in her sprinkle box, and Egg laughs so hard he starts to crack up!


20 Tasty Green Foods For St. Patrick's Day

The theme of today's post is GREEN. That's the color associated with St. Patrick's day, and the color of all the food you should eat on March 17. Here are 10 green foods that can help you celebrate. Pairing with green beer optional. 

1. Mint chocolate chip whoopie pies

Mint chocolate chip whoopie pies

Whoopie pies are great. But whoopie pies inspired by the prettiest ice cream flavor? All the better, and very appropriate for St. Patrick's Day. Recipe here

2. Watergate cake

Watergate Cake (Pistachio Pudding Mix Cake)

The connection to the scandal is tenuous at best. Following Watergate, many foods flavored with pistachio (said to be a favorite of Richard Nixon's) were dubbed after the scandal. This cake is only scandalous in its deliciousness. Recipe here

3. Green Irish soda bread

Green Irish Soda Bread

Well, this one's easy. Take your favorite Irish Soda bread recipe...and add green food coloring. I much prefer this method to letting it mold over. The food coloring is a more delicious variation of green. Recipe here (untinted). 

4. Candy salad

Sweet Salad

Possibly the tastiest method of eating your greens, ever. That isn't actual salad - it's candy and cake configured to look like it! Recipe here

5. Princess cake

Miette Princess Cake

I can't say with 100 percent certainty why it's green, but it typically is, and it's a fun and fancy food. Featured in my second book, The Secret Lives of Baked Goods.

6. Shamrock shakes

Shamrock Shake

Photo via Flickr member vasenka

It's not up to me to judge whether you make a homemade version or buy it at the evil empire fast food retailer. But it is a classic green food around this time of year. Homemade version recipe here.

7. Pistachio chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies

This is one of my favorite cookie recipes in the world. Find out why...Recipe here

8. Something healthy

Green smoothie

You can consider this intermission, or consider the fact that I made a banana and kale smoothie, and it actually tasted good. Recipe here.

9. Avocado cake

Chocolate Avocado Cake

This remains one of my favorite recipes for Serious Eats. It basically employs avocado wherever a normal recipe would call for butter (I actually used butter, too, though). Recipe here

10. Green tea ice cream

Green Tea Ice Cream

Photo via Flickr member Dong Kwan

I seem to see green tea ice cream on frequent offer at sushi places, but not so much at ice cream parlors. If you want, make your own, for a dignified green treat. Recipe here

11. Mint oreo stuffed brownie cupcakes Finalist 8: Stuffed Brownie Cupcakes (with chocolate covered mint oreos)

Go ahead. Stuff your cupcakes with mint fudge covered Oreos. It's only St. Patrick's day once a year. More info here.


12. Butter mint bars

Butter mint bars

A sugar cookie base with a thick, rich buttercream topping. I don't care that they're a Christmas treat. They're tasty right now, too. Recipe here

13. Pistachio pudding pops

Pistachio pudding pop

So simple. So perfect. This is my favorite flavor for Jell-O pudding pops. Or, fancy them up and make a two-tone variation. Recipe here

14. Avocado pie

Avocado Pie from Curio Confections Pie-Off

Pie? With avocado? Believe it. It's actually quite good. Recipe here

15. Mint chocolate chip ice cream Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (with Sprinkles) - Week #10 for "52 of 2014" 

Photo via Flickr member aukirk

If you are one of those people who prefers the white variety of mint ice cream, then please, stay in bed all day on the 17th. I suggest, for the full experience, going to a local ice cream shop and picking this up. Read about how I shipped a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone to myself

16. Mint Nanaimo bars Nanaimo bars

Nanaimo bars are delicious any time of year, and making them minty gives you a reason to make the middle green and to call them St. Patrick's day appropriate. Recipe here

17. Frog cupcakes

Frog cakes

I suppose that you could make these sweet treats, but it's more fun to find them in their natural element. Read my essay about the Curious Case of the Frog Cupcakes.

18. Green buttercream

Peppermint Patty Cupcake, Common Ground, Renton

If you're making cupcakes on March 17, I don't care what flavor they are. Tint your buttercream green. That's all.

19. Mint chocolate chip cookies Green holiday cookies

All it takes is some doctored up cookie mix to make these tasty green cookies, which are inspired by the ice cream flavor. Recipe here

20. Green bagels

 Green Bagels

It's possible that your local grocery store or bagel shop has green bagels on the 17th. If they do, buy them. You must! Or, tint a batch of your own. (Untinted) Recipe here

BONUS: rainbow cookies

How to make NYC style rainbow cookies

They're a treasure, and they're not at the end of the rainbow: they ARE the rainbow. Or, make them all green for a St. Patrick's day treat. Recipe here

What's your favorite green food?


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Frog Cupcakes, Whats for Dessert, Spring Lake Heights NJ

The curious case of the St. Patrick's day frog cupcakes. (CakeSpy archives)

Easy (and super delicious-looking) coconut ice cream. (Bonjour Sucre)

Hold on to your recipes! Don't let the "cruffin" theft befall your recipe collection. (Seattle Times)

Batik painting on paper. Not cake, still sweet. (Craftsy)

The long history of food--and celebrity chefs. (Newsweek)

Crepe cake!! It's awesome and beautiful. (Matea Milojkovic

I need one of these unicorn bowls. (Uncommon Goods) - via reader Dini!

SO dignified! Salted chocolate dipped orange and grapefruit slices. (Mayhem in the Kitchen)

The history of Alabama barbecue is deeply tied to civil rights and politics. (AL.com)

Just take a gander at this thick, beautiful homemade hot chocolate. (Molly Mell)

Tips for making fluffy vegan cakes and muffins. (One Green Planet)

Think you know a thing or two about buttercream? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz. (Craftsy)

In case you missed it: Snickers Cheesecake. (CakeSpy)

Book of the week: Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. It's famous. You've heard of it. You saw the movie. But have you looked through it? It's a true treasure, and a volume that everyone should own...even if they only ever look at, and never make, the aspic recipes. 


CakeSpy's Recent Craftsy Posts

Photo via Craftsy blogHow to create beautiful stippled (millions of dots!) drawings

Think you know a lot about buttercream? Prove it by taking the buttercream quiz.

A primer on chicken flatbread sandwiches. Delicious!

Make eating easier: how to cut meat against the grain.

How to paint skin tones.

Roasted avocado slices. Best. Snack. Ever. 

Gluten-free hummingbird cake. So. Good.

Create a beautiful batik-style painting on paper. 

How to pack watercolors for travel. Good because I travel a lot!

Beautiful and inspiring beaded wedding cakes. (pictured top)


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Watercolor batik

Melt or temper? Here's a guide to when to do what. (Baking 911)

Our history is jotted on recipe cards. A sweet essay. (Charlotte News Observer)

Gluten-free hummingbird cake. (Craftsy)

Virtuous no-bake lemon bars. They look delicious, virtue or no! (Sun Diego Eats)

A new book explores the history of nutritional supplements. Interesting! (NY Times)

Opening a young coconut. (Faye's Fork)

Fruity pebble cereal baked doughnuts. (American Heritage Cooking

Cinnamon roll cheesecake? I'm into it. (Life, Love, and Sugar)

Bananas foster bread pudding. YES! (Grandbaby Cakes)

It's a good day to make Nanaimo bars, I think. (CakeSpy for Craftsy)

Brownies with coconut and matcha swirl. I'd give 'em a whirl. (Mainly Baking)

Awesome, inspiring beaded wedding cakes. (CakeSpy for Craftsy)

I am very into these saucepan brownies. (The Cooking of Joy)

Book of the week: Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful - and Magical! - Unicorn Farm No, not technically a cookbook, but magical enough to bear mention on this site. The description really does it for me: "In this book, author Jessica S. Marquis provides everything you need to know to make a good living as a unicorn farmer. From choosing the right breed (Purebred; Twinkletoe; Karmic; Gigglerump; Horse with Horn) to picking the unicorn farm dream team (an alchemist; stable hands; groomers; The On-Call Virgin (OCV); lawyers), you are guaranteed to have a magical journey."


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Look at this thing I ate in New Jersey. Read about it (and more). (CakeSpy)

Art related: what is gouache and how do you use it? (Craftsy)

Cherry-chocolate bombe dessert. You must see this! (Cherry Tea Cakes)

Snickers Poke Cake. Yes, Yes, Yes. (Crazy For Crust)

Gooey filled brownies. OMG. (Handle the Heat)

Chocolate Italian Love Cake. (Chew Nibble Nosh)

Purple sweet potato bao. Adorable! (Everybody Eats Well)

Stippling. What is it? How can you use it to draw cake? Find out here. (Craftsy)

A fun guide to tempering chocolate. (The Guardian)

Expert bakers share their secrets (Good Food AU)

Will the Oscars give Pump Street Bakery (mentioned in an acceptance speech) a sales boost? (Wall Street Journal)

Buckeye brownie cookies. Yes. (Tastes of Lizzy)

Neapolitan seven layer bars. #winning (The Domestic Rebel)

Homemade Vanilla Kreme Donuts a la Dunkin'!. (CakeSpy)

Book of the week: Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies by Alice Medrich. Not only is the book beautiful, but the cookie recipes are all 100% solid, and there are some great general baking tips in the book so that you can become a more skilled baker overall. 


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Please, can someone buy me this plush unicorn bouquet? (Right here)

Curious about the life of a professional fake food maker? (NPR)

How to make tuiles, a fancy French cookie. (Craftsy)

I'm so all about this pistachio cream cake. (My name is yeh)

Cronuts and pretzel croissants: part of a trend that is pervasive and possibly perverse. (The New Yorker)

We owe the restaurant experience as we know it to the French. (Ireland Independent)

Chocolate chip French toast layer cake. OMG. (Sun Diego Eats)

Homemade French burnt peanuts: I'm intrigued. (Baked Chicago)

Since it was recently President's Day: desserts named after US Presidents. (CakeSpy)

Ever heard of Watergate cake? (Craftsy)

Red velvet gooey butter cake. ALSO OMG. (I am baker)

Love this: The first time my daughter told me she hated me, I baked her a cake. (xojane)

Book of the week: Mug Meals: Delicious Microwave Recipes. Technically, this book is not out yet, but I got an advance copy. I have to say, I am completely impressed with all of the delicious-looking meals that come together in a mug in the microwave. Yes, there are cakes. But there's a whole lot more, too, from mango crumble to even lasagna. 


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Champagne flute

For the love...of champagne flutes! Check out this sweet post by my friend. (Jameson Fink)

Can you refrigerate buttercream? Plus more buttercream FAQs. (CakeSpy for Craftsy)

Awesome cookie dough truffles made with olive oil. Really! (Colavita)

I can deal with "healthified" cinnamon rolls because it means you're still eating cinnamon rolls. (Crazy for Crust)

Eat on up: banana bread nutella bars. (Heather's French Press)

Because I already miss North Carolina: a roundup of all of the delicious things I ate in Asheville. (CakeSpy)

One of the most interesting obits: David Dalquist, who invented a baking pan we all know and love. (NY Times)

Good question: what is cocoa butter? (Baking Bites)

Impossibly cute: chocolate cherry blossom cookies. (Sally's Baking Addiction)

Think pavlova is great? Give double chocolate pavlova a try, yo. (Epicuricloud)

Don't have separation anxiety: check out creative cake separator ideas. (CakeSpy for Craftsy)

East 62nd Street Cake. It looks like it's stuffed with sunshine. (Shauna Sever)

How to draw instruments. A sweet (but not to eat, or even play) tutorial! (CakeSpy for Craftsy)

I love eating avocado creatively. This avocado breakfast bowl has me intrigued. (Sun Diego Eats)

Agar extender. (TIC Gums)

Book of the week: Cut Out and Keep: Around the USA in 50 Craft Projects. I've been a huge fan of the website Cut Out + Keep for years, and this innovative book features craft ideas from all around the USA. I think you'll enjoy the clever yet beautiful crafts from the book, ranging from hollywood-inspired lampshades to beautiful foliage-inspired napkins. 


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Pop-Hearts, not Pop-Tarts. Because Valentine's Day is coming! (CakeSpy for Serious Eats)


How to choose typefaces to match your artwork. (CakeSpy for Craftsy)

Ever heard of the Sky Bar? It used to be one of the nation's most popular. (Candy Blog)

Conversation heart Nanaimo bars. Because, well, tis the season. (Serious Eats)

Ever tried a dessert made with black eyed peas? Go for it --> (Fork Fingers Chopsticks)

Oven-dried strawberry slices. I'm into it. (Frugality Gal)

Banana bread: I'm not into it unless it has chocolate chips. There, I said it. (CakeSpy)

Roccos. I'm into it, even if they don't have gluten. (Yummy Beet)

Elegant piped chocolate garnishes. Easy and delicious! (CakeSpy for Craftsy)

Buckeye graham crackers. Ohio meets after school treat. (Gold Lining Girl)

Yumz: Fluffy potato rolls. (Crazy for Crust)

Beer battered sweet potatoes. Not dessert sweet, but I'm totally into it. (Mess Makes Food)

Book of the week: The Potato Cookbook. First and foremost, I'm happy that it exists, period. But even more, that it has desserts. Potato-infused black forest cake, anyone? 

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