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DIY Yogurt: You Can Do It!

Did you know that you can make your own yogurt? I'm for real here. Smoothies and breakfast just got a whole lot better. Learn several easy ways of how to make yogurt at home, here.


How to Make Gelatin Plastic

Gelatin plastic

If you like kitchen crafts, this is probably one of the cooler things I can tell you about: how to make gelatin plastic. View the whole easy tutorial on Craftsy! Once you're done, your kitchen might look like this:

Gelatin plastic

Highly magical! Have you ever made gelatin plastic?


How to Make Irish Potato Candy

Learn the scintillating art of making a Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day classic. No actual potatoes included. How to make Irish potato candy.


Bali Diary: The Lattes Come With Cookies Here

Kopi desa latte

I have a latte love for a nice cup of coffee. And in Bali, they really take the cake. Well, more like the cookie.

Because, friends, I have something so wonderful to tell you. And it's not that I made a traditional flower offering, although I did do that, too: Bali

The thing I have to tell you is this: In Bali, they give you a cookie with your coffee. Coffee and cookies

It’s seriously the cutest and best thing ever.

I’ve had a latte almost every day I have been here; I’m not typically a latte drinker, but these small ones are more like a cafe au lait in New Orleans, and they’re really nice. And not every location does it, but certainly enough times that I have taken note, the latte has come with a cookie. Some other types of coffee too, but once again, inconsistent. The latte seems to reliably come with a cookie as opposed to a Bali coffee or espresso. 

Here are some of my favorites so far. 

Atman Kafe, Bali

At Atman Kafe, they deliver your latte with a cute little heart shaped cookie.

Cookie with latte, atman

It’s a crumbly, shortbread-y cookie with a salty-sweet flavor that crumbles in your mouth and makes you want to eat many, many more. 

At Kué, the cookies are tiny anisette biscotti. 


They’ll give you two of them.


Their crispy nature makes them well-suited to dipping in the pretty tricolor coffee (which mixes slowly as you drink it; it's quite amazing), or I like to use them like a chip and treat the foam on the latte as dip. It pleases me to do so and I will continue, no matter what you say. 

Kue, bali

At Kopi Desa, they give you a miniature crispy chocolate chip cookie. You can also note how prettily they wrap the napkin around the spoon. This also happens a lot here. Kopi desa latte

Once again, it’s a dipper, and turns the perfect texture for putting in your mouth when gently dipped in your latte. 

I know this is just a few samples, but I just need to tell you, I love that this is a thing in Bali.

Listen, USA. If Bali can make cookies with lattes a thing, can’t we? I hope that every coffee shop owner in the nation (and perhaps world) will view this post and take note.  

F.r.e.a.k. coffee

Places mentioned:

Atman Kafe


Kopi Desa

Latte love from Bali,



Peanut Butter Hamantaschen for Purim

Lucky you: there's a tasty recipe for peanut butter hamantaschen for Purim available on the Peanut Butter and Company site...a recipe courtesy of me! Enjoy, sweeties. 


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Frog Cupcakes, Whats for Dessert, Spring Lake Heights NJ

Tis the season...for St. Patrick's Day Frog cupcakes!

Cute new baking company and blog: Miss Jones Baking Co.

LOVE this: Sweetie cupcakes.

Is there anything better than cake for breakfast?

Utterly necessary French cooking terms.

How to make your own yogurt!

I loved learning about: the history of the frisbee pie.

30 uses for your leftover birthday cake.

The best homemade marshmallows...ever!

Exotic fruit tart. Yum.

Now would be a good time to check out SpyMom's Irish Soda bread recipe.

Pomegranate and lime parfait: yum.


Cake Byte: The Pillsbury Bake-Off is Now Open for Entries!

Hey, do you wanna win a million dollars?

Well, if you're an amateur baker and love tinkering with recipes, you might have your chance. The next Pillsbury Bake-Off is open for entries!

As a past media attendee of the event (see my reviews of the Bake-Off in Vegas here, and in Florida with Martha Stewart, here), I love what they do and am always excited to discover the creative recipes that entrants always come up with.

The Pillsbury powers that be have told me of some changes to the competition this year: 

-  For the first time, America’s vote will be combined with the judges’ decisions to determine the Grand Prize Winner.

- The Contest ingredient list has been expanded to include Pillsbury’s Gluten Free line of products. 

-  Judges will award the Pillsbury® Gluten Free Award to the Finalist with the best recipe which uses a Pillsbury® Gluten Free product and does not contain wheat or any products that include wheat as an ingredient.

- The Bake-Off® Contest now features four recipe categories with separate two entry periods. Participants have two chances to enter and vote.

So here's the nitty gritty:

The first entry period includes the Simply Sweet Treats and Savory Snacks & Sides categories and is open for entries from now until March 27 (11:59 a.m. CDT), 2014. The second contest entry period runs from March 27 (1:00 p.m. CDT) to May 8 (11:59 a.m. CDT), 2014 and calls for Weekend Breakfast Wows and Amazing Doable Dinners recipes.

To check out all things Bake-Off, it would be a good idea to visit the official site: www.bakeoff.com.


Savory Sleuth: How to Make Homemade Mustard

Did you know that you can make your own mustard? It's totally true. Learn how here, and then make this corn dog dessert if you dare.


Bali Diary: Kopi Desa and Cafe Vespa


Helloooooo from Bali, everyone!

I have been having a wonderful time so far volunteering teaching kindergarten. But don't worry, I have still been eating, and I even had a chance to create a batik painting (above, you're welcome).

I'm staying in an area of Bali called Penestanan, which is a stone's throw from the now-famous Ubud, which was prominently featured in the novel Eat, Pray, Love. The novel's presence is evident in the town, with cocktails named in its honor and even an ice cream place called Eat Soft Love. I assure you I am not kidding.

But I digress. As a volunteer, we are located between two coffee shops: one called Kopi Desa, and one called Cafe Vespa. Both are adorable, and may be of interest to sweets lovers who find themselves in Bali. Since I've visited both a fair amount of times to use their wifi, I think I will tell you about them.

At Kopi Desa, they will fill basic foodie needs with sandwiches and noodles at extremely cheap prices. But happily, they also have ice cream, so they will make sweet beverages. They also make sweet banana pancakes, which you can pair with ice cream for tasty results. You can eat well here for under $3 US.

And they have young coconuts, which they serve like this. OMG CUTE!

But I guess while I'm cute overloading you, I shouldn't forget to show you how they make a latte. OMG! Cute! Cutest latte ever. Kopi Desa, bali

Down the street, you'll find Cafe Vespa, which is a little fancier, and the food follows suit in caliber and prices.Bali

They have beautiful fresh fruit, and a tantalizing bakery case.

Photo via Trip Advisor

Everything is very well executed, from the homemade banana bread and daily muffin specials to the decadent cream cheese frosting topped carrot cake. Carrot cake from Cafe vespa, bali

This is a typical Balinese thing, I have noticed: everything has a wonderful attention to detail. Everything is good. How do they do it for crying out loud?

And the brown sugar is SO dark brown! Bali

They also make a very pretty latte.

Latte from cafe vespa

Perhaps most importantly, they serve scoops of an ice cream called Sacred Scoops, which is made locally and boasts this roster of ingredients: 

Yes, you read that right. Blessings. What does ice cream made with blessings taste like, you wonder? Don't worry, I found out.

Honestly, my only complaint is that the cone was so small, but it was quite nice. It was completely gluten-free and vegan, with a "rice cone" and a surprisingly creamy ice cream with absolutely no grittiness, just smooth strawberry flavor. It was slow to melt, which made it perfect for a hot day, and tasted so fresh that I could practically feel the fruit smiling at me. I am pretty sure I could taste the blessings. The love frequencies too, now that you mention it.

So far it's been a pretty sweet 2 weeks in Bali, and I am discovering more great places to tell you about every day. Stay tuned, sweeties.

Places mentioned: 

Kopi Desa

Cafe Vespa

Sacred Scoops (purchased at Cafe Vespa)


Savory Sleuth: Dallas Buyers Club Sandwiches

Can we have a savory moment before the Oscars? How 'bout some Dallas Buyers Club sandwiches for your Academy Award viewing pleasure? Recipe here.

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