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Happy Birthday to Me, and Happy National Cherry Popsicle Day

Cherry Popsicle Day

August 26th is my own personal birthday (CakeSpy the website celebrates its birthday on August 1--there is still a chance to enter the giveaway celebrating this momentous occasion!).

August 26 is also, as it happens, National Cherry Popsicle Day. Now, I apologize if I sound ungrateful...but seriously, this is the crappiest holiday I could possibly think of for my birthday. Cherry popsicles suck, dude!

I immediately began to do an inventory of other people's birthdays, and most everyone came up with a cooler food holiday coinciding with their birthday, including my mother on June 28 (National Tapioca Day), my sweetie on September 18 (National Cheeseburger Day!), my sisters on September 14 and May 4 (National Cream Filled Doughnut Day and National Candied Orange Peel Day, respectively), my BFF James on February 2 (not only Groundhog's Day, but also Pisco Sour Day!). 

I started to get angry, and thought to myself, "I could probably make a list of a hundred things I'd rather eat than a cherry popsicle, easy." So I did. It only took like five minutes.

Here are 100 things I'd rather eat than a cherry popsicle.


  1. Vanilla chocolate softserve swirl
  2. Hummingbird cake
  3. Mint chocolate chip whoopie pies
  4. Banana nilla wafer pudding
  5. Reese's peanut butter cups
  6. Princess cake
  7. A soft chocolate chip cookie
  8. Philadelphia butter cake
  9. Gooey butter cake
  10. White chocolate macadamia chip cookie
  11. Butter cake with pink buttercream (birthday cake!)
  12. Rainbow cookie
  13. Zeppole
  14. Cronut
  15. Croissant
  16. Chinese almond cookie
  17. King cake
  18. Pop Tart
  19. Dairy queen blizzard
  20. Frozen custard
  21. Carrot cake
  22. Macarons
  23. Cheesecake
  24. Chocolate fudge
  25. Velveeta fudge
  26. Pancakes
  27. Honeycomb
  28. Monster cookies
  29. Avocado cake
  30. French toast
  31. Rice Krispies treat
  32. Pink frosted cookie
  33. Snickerdoodle
  34. Gingerbread
  35. Corn cookie
  36. Meltaway cookie
  37. Pound cake
  38. Penuche
  39. Tiramisu
  40. Cake doughnut
  41. Yeast doughnut
  42. Cruller
  43. Custard
  44. Shortbread cookie
  45. Millionaire's shortbread
  46. Chocolate layer cake
  47. Apple pie
  48. Nesselrode pie
  49. Snowballs
  50. S'mores
  51. Macaroon
  52. Chocolate cream pie
  53. Spice cake
  54. Roly polies
  55. Pie crust cookies
  56. Galette des rois
  57. Sacher torte
  58. Alice B Toklas brownies
  59. Peach pie
  60. Banana split
  61. Chocolate mousse
  62. Maple spam doughnuts
  63. Peanut butter cookies
  64. Sopaipillas
  65. Cadbury crème eggs
  66. Pazcki
  67. Beignets
  68. Fried oreos
  69. Toffee
  70. Wellesley fudge cake
  71. Grocery store sheet cake
  72. Egg cream
  73. Black and white cookie
  74. Congo bars
  75. Hermit cookies
  76. Blondie
  77. Brownie
  78. Nanaimo bars
  79. Cherry pie
  80. Cherries Jubilee
  81. Chocolate covered cherries
  82. Cherry chip cake
  83. Cupcake with a cherry on top
  84. Black forest cake
  85. Cherry garcia ice cream
  86. Cherry pie bars
  87. Cherry ice cream bar
  88. Cherry crumb cake
  89. Chocolate chip cookies with dried cherries
  90. Bonbon cookies filled with cherries
  91. Creamsicle
  92. Fudgesicle
  93. Eskimo bar
  94. Jell-o pudding pop
  95. Yogurt with cherries on the bottom
  96. Flan
  97. Egg tart
  98. Navy bean pie
  99. Angel food cake
  100. Biscotti

Then I started to feel bad about poor cherry popsicles. Surely there must be something I like LESS than cherry popsicles, right? So, OK. Here's my list of things that I think are worse than cherry popsicles. 

  1. Low fat ice cream
  2. Frozen yogurt
  3. Those awful chocolates that look like oranges
  4. Jelly beans
  5. Violet candies
  6. Deep fried Kool-aid
  7. Cherry Jell-O
  8. Fruitcake

So, there you have it. My birthday rant! 

What are YOUR thoughts on Cherry Popsicles? Also, is there a food holiday on YOUR birthday?

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Reader Comments (12)

May you have the sweetest, happiest birthday! All the best!
August 26 | Unregistered CommenterChristy
Happy birthday! Enjoy as many foods from your top 100 as possible. Would it help if you dipped a cherry popsicle in chocolate? Or Magic Shell? Or frosting? ;)
August 26 | Unregistered CommenterCaley
Happy birthday, friend!! <3
August 26 | Unregistered CommenterjustJENN
Happy birth day!!! These cakes are look really so beautiful. These are delicious too. I love these pics. These are so great! Thank you so much for this post.
Happy Birthday! I hope you get to enjoy it with anything but cherry Popsicles. =)
Where do you find all these food holidays??? Is there a certain website you use?


P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I am a 14-year-old girl, who LOVES cooking an reading all my favourite blogs!! I think your blog is the best!!
August 26 | Unregistered CommenterSam :)
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, bud! and also... HILARIOUS. what about homemade cherry popsicles? still totally sucky? this list is so fun... i am deeply confused by deep fried kool aid but obviously going to investigate now... how do you even find out if your birthday is a food holiday of some kind? my birthday is november 15... :)

Happy Birthday cake spy! I wish you a wonderful year! My Birthday is on "pie day" 3.14:) It is also national potato chip day. Potato chip pie anyone?
August 28 | Unregistered CommenterMallory
Happy Birthday, Jessie! Wishing you slices of Princess Cake & Angel Food garnished with lots of joyous celebration!

P.s. My birthday falls on National Lobster Day =)
August 29 | Unregistered CommenterThe Ninja Baker
Try Happy Birthday Week. That way you can have more than cherry popsicles. Fun article.

Marlene...craving a cherry Popsicle right now
August 29 | Unregistered CommenterMarlene
Happy Birthday Jessie! Everyday is a sweet celebration by you. I always passed on the cherry popsicles for the much better tasting and colored, lime popsicles.
August 29 | Unregistered CommenterPam McNulty
You have mentioned a long list of things to eat on birthday and I think it will take me to celebrate 10-20 birthday parties to eat all these things. So I will rather stay with cherry popsicle, my focus will be on birthday wishes sent by people and of course gifts are also sign of love. I hope you gotta loads of gifts for your birthday. Thanks

James at Best Birthday Wishes
September 12 | Unregistered CommenterJames Anderson

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