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So not cool.

Hi, sweeties. CakeSpy-Jessie here. And boy, oh, boy, do I have some big changes to tell you about!

Some of them might sound serious but dudes, dudettes, chill out. Everything is gonna be ok. Actually, it already is.

First order of business: my location. I'm in Philadelphia now! After 8 years in Seattle, I had an exciting opportunity to move back to the East Coast (I'm originally from New Jersey, did you know that?). I was doubly excited because it is wonderful to be closer to my family again (they're still in NJ). For the first time in 8 years, I am having a proper summer (like, where I can wear short sleeve shirts). It's pretty cool. Will I stay here? Time will tell, sweet friends. But living right near the Reading Terminal Market, one thing is for sure: I am having a very delicious time in PA.

Custom order - CakeSpy Shop!

Second: the store! You may be asking "um, what about your gallery in Seattle?". Well, in my absence, the store has been wonderfully and ably run by my business partners Natalie and Danny. However, after a few months, the whole process has proven pretty arduous -- and paired with the fact that I am now focusing more on writing cookbooks, it was actually getting pretty confusing. Many people would come to the gallery expecting cakes and a wonderful bakery, and they'd find art. Not that it's ever bad to find art, but gosh, was it confusing! So we've decided to let go of this part of the business. So, that means, if you've been meaning to visit the adorable store, DO IT NOW.  Because it is not going to be there for too much longer. Our ultimate hope is to sell the consignment gallery business -- everything but the name! So if you are in Seattle or even know someone in Seattle who might be interested in getting into the retail business, please, let them know about this opportunity. If we do not find a buyer, we will lease the space out, but we'd so love to see the awesome art tradition carry on in this magical retail space. Please, read about it here, and spread the word!!

Third: a big development for CakeSpy artwork sales. As you may know, I have a big, sparkly heart. I like to help people. And a cause very close to my heart is Eating Disorders. Once again, you must be thinking "Jesus Christ! Is this the same CakeSpy who posted a recipe including 7+ sticks of butter, for behemoth crumb cake?" Well, yes. During my youth and young adulthood, I suffered from an eating disorder. Which one? Part anorexia, part bulimia, part something else, I guess (eating disorders, like snowflakes = all unique?). It still haunts me from time to time, but honestly, CakeSpy has been my lifesaver - my permission to create, love and indulge in sweets of all sorts and sizes. Because one powerful lesson that I have learned is that when you give yourself permission to enjoy whatever food you'd like (and I am talking about sweets in particular here), there might be a fear period, but ultimately, you don't have to under-or-overdo it. And yes, going back to aforementioned 7+ stick of butter Behemoth crumb cake, I ate the whole damn thing. Just not all in one sitting. :-) 

But I digress. What I am trying to say here is that from now on, a percentage of proceeds from ALL CakeSpy online sales will be donated to eating disorder awareness and recovery programs, to NEDA (the National Eating Disorder Awareness Association). I am *so* excited to be contributing to such a wonderful cause. What does this mean for you? Not much, other than that if you buy something from the CakeSpy online shop, part of the sale will be donated to a tremendously wonderful cause.

And that's sweet news you can feel good about, sweetness. 

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Reader Comments (15)

Wow Jessie! Such amazing and wonderful changes for you! So sad that you're no longer in Seattle, but super happy to have a friend to meet at the Reading Terminal Market when I'm in PA! What is that place with the amazing blueberry pancakes? Yeah. That. Yum. :) Thanks for sharing your cupcake sparkles with Seattle...we sure needed them!!

All the very best to you and the great work you're doing. I look forward to reading about more from CakeSpy! :)
July 18 | Unregistered CommenterMarlo M
Exciting news all the way around - Seattle's loss is Phily's gain! Good for you for listening to your heart :)
July 18 | Unregistered CommenterLara Starr
I am excited to hear about your new adventures in sweets over here on the East Coast =) and what a great way to give back to a cause so close to you. Wish you lots of luck in your future endeavors and can't wait to read all about it!
July 18 | Unregistered Commenterwhirl + whisk
so many things!

1. i'm from NJ (bergen county)
2. my husband's family lives in philly
3. NEDA is a huge part of my life (i spoke at their conference last year)

congrats on everything!
Yay! Welcome to Philly! Thanks for donating to such a special organization! You are one sweet and smart cookie!!!
July 19 | Unregistered CommenterSandy Cohen
Welcome back to the East coast Jessie! Great News! Can I book you for a book signing and demo in NJ?
awesome! welcome back to the east coast. i'm in jersey so very partial to this part of the country and philly is awesome too (just don't become a phillies fan!). ha.
July 19 | Unregistered Commentermichelle
What exciting new changes! Congratulations, and good luck with all your new ventures! I'll put feelers out to my Seattle friends.
Wishing you sweet success on both coasts!!
July 19 | Unregistered CommenterMeg P
I am sad for me and for Seattle, but very pleased and proud of you! xox
July 19 | Unregistered Commentertea_austen
Jessie, this is my first time commenting but I've been a long time reader. I wanted to congratulate you on all your success. I too hail from Joyzee (current Bergen County resident)! As an aspiring artist, your whimsical illustrations have been inspiring. As a recovering anorexic, to hear of you efforts with NEDA are nothing short of fantastic. Thank you for everything you've done and congratulations on the bright future that awaits!

Best regards!
July 20 | Unregistered CommenterBianca
Utterly fabulous — you, your new plans, your new life. You're an inspiration to us all. Best of luck!
Hi Jessie :)
I've been visiting CakeSpy for a while now - I found it courtesy of UK comedian Sarah Millican, who is fabulous in case you haven't heard of her! I'm recovering from an eating disorder - mostly anorexic tendencies, but like you said every person's eating disorder is different - and I'm so, so happy and grateful that you're contributing to NEDA. It's an amazing cause. I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced the pitiful excuse for a life that an ED gives you, but it's inspiring to see you viewing food in the way it should be seen - as something to celebrate and be enjoyed.
If having an ED can give us anything, it's the understanding of what people go through with them and the ability to help in some way or other. It may not have been intentional, but you've been helping me with your positive attitude for a long time, even before you contributed to NEDA.
Stay fabulous, much love x
July 20 | Unregistered CommenterveGA
Hooray on behalf of Philadelphia! I admire your courage and sense of community to give back to charity!
I hope to meet you someday so we can discuss our mutual admiration for a really good dessert. Also, I have an affinity for cannolis and just learned of Cafe Lift on 13th Street that serves cannoili French Toast. Another must try. :) Wishing you continued success in Philly!
July 24 | Unregistered CommenterDawn
I tweeted you when you first tweeted about this post and have been meaning to come by again and leave a comment, it's hard to comment on my phone!

You need to do what makes you happy, only sad I never visited your store! As for donating to NEDA and sharing your story, you're amazing, brave and incredibly generous!! So very glad to know you!! xoxo
July 27 | Unregistered CommenterJulieD

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