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Affogato Get One: Cupcake Royale Introduces the Stumptown Tiramisu Cupcake

Images: Cupcake RoyaleFile under "things that make me want to die from happiness overload": the brand-new Stumptown Tiramisu Cupcake from Seattle's own Cupcake Royale.

Here's their official announcement:

Cupcake Royale is proud to debut our latest cupcake, the Stumptown Tiramisu Cupcake. We start with our delicious vanilla buttercake and top it with a mascarpone frosting made with Stumptown Coffee then finish by dusting with cocoa powder. 

If you haven't had mascarpone before, it's a creamy and mild Italian cheese that goes perfectly with our Stumptown Coffee reduticon. It's delicious by itself but even better affagato'ized.

Yes, you heard that last part right: you can also order it affogato'ed. Perfect for a grown-up treat, or if you've just had tooth surgery and can only gum rather than chew your cake (trust me, I've been there). Also per Cupcake Royale:

What is affagato? It means "to drown" in Italian. If you've ever had ice cream (or gelatto) with a shot of espresso on top, you've had affagato. If you want your cupcake affagato'ized, we'll pull 2 shots, unwrap your cake and drop it in. Watch it soak up the espresso as your mouth begins to watch. 

Oh my. For availability, call your closest Cupcake Royale location; you can find them online here. By the way, I will also be having two book events at Cupcake Royale locations in October; I'll be announcing those soon!

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Reader Comments (1)

Aw, thanks! We are super excited for your book events!
September 23 | Unregistered CommenterCupcake Royale

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