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Cake Byte: CakeSpy Shop Grand Opening Party Tonight!

What can I say other than you're gonna feel really bad if you miss this awesomeness? It's been given shout-outs by the Stranger, Joey Veltkamp, and Capitol Hill Seattle--just to name a few! There will be many new Capitol Hill-themed paintings, and cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes, too!

Please, do drop by from 5-8 p.m.! 

Shop Location: 415 E Pine Street (near Summit), Capitol Hill, Seattle

More details can be found here!

Reader Comments (6)

Do you know what time Exohxo is performing?

May 8 | Unregistered Commenteremilyadi

Very nice recipes and blog. Have a great weekend!


I wish I could've been at your grand opening party -- but, alas, I live in Australia...and there was no way I could travel to Seattle - no money :(

One day, I will make my way over to your part of the world, and visit the awesomeness that is Cakespy HQ! :)

May 10 | Unregistered CommenterLiv

Congratulations on the Grand Opening! I look forward to making my way up to the store, and hopefully meeting the pugs as well!

Congratulations, Jessie! When you open a location in Texas, I;ll bring the cookies! :)

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