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Pie, A La Mode: A Campaign to Make Pie Cooler

A La Mode, a Pie Gossip Magazine
Every so often, someone will make that grand, sweeping statement: "Pie is the New Cake". Usually, this is someone who owns or is related to the owner of a pie-related business. Unfortunately, in a world which supports cupcake shops opening roughly every five minutes, pie has simply failed to have the same effect in the baked-good market.

So what's the problem? Clearly, it's a lack of media attention. After all, what did Heidi get for Posh on her birthday? What does Katie pick up for a sweet afternoon snack with Suri? Sorry, pie--but cupcakes are most definitely taking that cake.

But we feel for you pie lovers--really, we do. And so, in an effort to lend a helping hand in getting pie the attention it deserves, may we humbly suggest the following tried-and-true tabloid methods to be applied for pie promotion? Here goes:

Stir up some controversy:

A La Mode, a Pie Gossip magazine


Get people thinking about the issues that touch pies' lives:

A La Mode, a Pie Gossip magazine


Dish about fashion faux pas:

A La Mode, a Pie Gossip magazine


But of course--in spite of everything, don't forget to show how pies really are just like us:

A La Mode, a Pie Gossip magazine



Scandalized? Well, they say there's no such thing as bad press; surely these sweet tips are the first step in making pie the true cream of the crop--or at least shaking off some of that wholesome crusty image.


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Reader Comments (34)

How funny! I like a good pie!

February 17 | Unregistered CommenterCookies and cakes

You are just too cute sometimes. This was just super.

February 17 | Unregistered CommenterPeabody

Hilarious. Well done!
You know, there are a few shows about cake decorators, and quit a few shows/movies where the main character makes pies (Pushing Daisies, Waitress), but I don't know of any that feature a cupcake shop. Looks like cupcakes are losing out to pies in this way...

February 17 | Unregistered Commenterbigspoonbakery

This is too cute!! & your bog is seeping with sweetness!

La C.

February 17 | Unregistered CommenterLa Couturier

Apparentlyjessy: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

TW: Ha!! I'd love to see Bond asking for a pie. "Whipped cream, not a la mode" (to the tone of "shaken not stirred")

Leslie: Ah! Good point. But chou: What kind of pie was it with candles? Too funny!

Snooky: Me too (shh!).

Recipegirl: Ooh, that sounds delicious. You're making me hungry.

Katie: Thanks!

Kelly: hahaha!! I can see we have another gossip AND baked good lover in the house!

Krysta: Ha! Glad you enjoyed!

Michelle: So true. Give it some time!

Beryl: Haha! A la mode, next stop Hearst!

Louise: Yes, so true. Pie or cake ALWAYS make me feel better!

Katie: Weird! :-)

Luna Raven: I know! Who knew, indeed.

Ash: Moi aussi! On the pie love that is!

Veron: Ooh, now that is scandalous: "Cupcake maker says: I love pie!"

Veggievixen: that's what I am saying! :-)

Chic Cakery: Pie power indeed!

Jodi: Ooh, share the recipe!

Brittany: This one's for you, Pie Lady!

Gigi: You're welcome!

Lyndsay: Ah, so true. I have seen mini ones that are very cute...maybe it's a matter of time! I think it might be the messiness factor too.

Emsres: Wow, that installation is pretty amazing!

Cookies and cakes: Thanks ! Glad you enjoyed!

Peabody: Thanks, that is so sweet!

Bigspoon: Good point on Waitress and Pushing daisies...although I kind of feel like they're like pie itself...kind of cult classics, underdogs...But then again I can't think of a movie that had a cupcake shop in it.

La C: You're so sweet! thanks!

February 17 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy

This totally made my day!

February 18 | Unregistered Commentershaka

Shaka: So glad you enjoyed it!!

February 18 | Unregistered CommenterCakespy

LOL! I love the Whoopie Pie identity crisis.

February 22 | Unregistered CommenterMaggie
Are those swords in their hands? On a "fun night out"?!?! Oh you crack me up CakeSpy
February 1 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa
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