Some of them I consider "regret-lite"--things that I feel, yes, but can dismiss as being fairly standard regret fare. You know. Things I said that I wish I hadn't, things I wish I had said that I didn't. Wishing I'd spent more time with my grandmother before she died. Lamenting the fact that I didn't study abroad when I had the chance. 

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The Ballad of Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough knows that the grass is greener over there, because she’s looked over there for a really long time, and then looked back here and found it lacking.

Not Good Enough doesn’t need a ride, because taking the bus then walking home in the rain is totally fine.

Not Good Enough has never been upgraded from the kid’s table at Thanksgiving. 

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Eating Disorders: Diseases of Desire

Even the desire for liberation is bondage.

What does this phrase mean to you? To jog your thoughts, I'll tell you what it means to me.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted more, more, more. It's suiting that my name is Moore--my mother allegedly began referring to me as "Jessie-wants-Moore" as early as my teething days.

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Forgive and Forget? Not So Fast.

You should turn over a new leaf. Start fresh. Let it go. 

Everyone spouts off variations of this phrase, from therapists to church to even Taylor Swift.

But what if you can't "shake it off"? What if you find yourself holding on to every little thing, from a fear that you'll lose your job to bad vibes from the grocery store clerk who was rude to you to the baggage that comes with romantic relationships both past and present?

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10 Things My Eating Disorder Learned in Yoga School

Recently, I spent the month in Asheville, North Carolina. I completed a 3 week yoga teacher training immersion at the Asheville Yoga Center, which is pretty darned cool.

Not only did I learn about yoga during this training, but it also kicked my eating disorder in the ass. I got an education of the first order on life and being in it, and the more I learned, the quieter the disorder became. Here are 10 things my eating disorder learned in the training, punctuated with illustration of all of the hairstyle calamities I experienced while doing yoga. :-) 

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