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How a rainbow cake is really made
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Do-it-yourself recipes 

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Drop Cookies

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Rolled, molded, cutout cookies 

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Cookie Confections

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Bar Cookies



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Nanaimo Bars

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Holiday Cookies

Christmas tree macaroons

Candy cane striped cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

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Other Cookies

Banana split s'more whoopie pies

Funfetti cake mix cookies

Carnival cookies

Circus animal cookie trufflesCoconut cream whoopie pies

Cookies that look like doughnuts

Homemade fortune cookies
Jan Hagel cookiesMatcha gobs with lemongrass ginger filling

Meringue skulls
Mint chocolate chip whoopie pies

"Reverse" whoopie pies
Snowballs (or whatever you want to call them)South African "Crunchies"Stracciatella truffle stuffed cookies

Strawberries n cream sugar cookie sandwiches

Walnut macarons with maple bacon bourbon fillingClassic whoopie pies


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Pies, Cobblers, Crisps et al

Apple bing cherry galette

Apple-cranberry galettesBanana cream pie in a chocolate peanut butter cookie crust

Blueberry pie (via SpyMom)

Blueberry Ginger White Chocolate Tart

Bob Andy Pie

Bourbon orange pecan pie

Caramel pudding pie in a rice krispie crust

Carrot cake tart

Cherry mini sweetheart piesCherry pie in a chocolate crustCranberry pecan pie in a maple peanut butter crust

Chocolate avocado pie

Chocolate ginger cream pear tart

Chocolate Baileys cream pie

Chocolate tarteletsCookie cake pieCranberry bourbon pecan pieCupcake cream pie

Dark chocolate cherry breakfast bread

Donut piesGrasshopper pie in a brownie crustIce cream and frosting pie

Leftover Halloween candy pie

Lemon meringue pie in a chocolate cookie crust.Magic cookie bar pie

Mock apple pie (with ritz crackers)

Neapolitan cream pie in a Samoas cookie crust

Orange cream chocolate tartsPeach crisp from MoonratPeanut butter cup pocket piesPear honey custard tart

Pi shaped pie

Pumpkin-banana cream pie

Pumpkin pie in a gingersnap crust

Salted caramel tart

Salted caramel tarts (individual servings)

Saltwater taffy cream pie"Scrumpy delight"Strawberries and cream butter cake

Sweet potato pie

Fancy Desserts

Chocolate decadence

Chocolate "Seduction" cake

Princess cake

Gingerbread crepes

Opera Cake

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Swirl

Rice Krispie Deep Dish "Pizza"

Twinkie Tiramisu

"Cookie Monster"

Ice Cream, Shakes, Beverages, Puddings

"Anejo Kiss" Cocktail

Elvis's favorite banana pudding

Cannoli ice cream (!)Cappuccino Tapioca pudding with cardamom brûléeChocolate bacon ice creamChocolate delight (recipe from a jewelry designer)Chocolate pudding n' cookiesCoconut cream bread pudding with chocolate velvet sauceCrumb cake shakeIndividual custard cups in phyllo - "Inglourious Custards"Corn dog dessert with ice creamDessert wine sundaesHomemade dulce de leche gelato

Eggnog with brandy and rumEton MessFrozen hot chocolateMolasses ginger ice cream sandwichesNanaimo bar shakePeach cobbler milkshakePumpkin pie milkshakePumpkin cheesecake ice popsRainbow ice cream pops

Raspberry sorbetRed Velvet cake shake

Turkish Delight frothy


S'mores shortcakes recipe

Watermelon pudding served in a watermelon shell



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