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Here's a log of CakeSpy praise, accolades and press. I'm also amazed and so immensely flattered that CakeSpy is considered one of
Gourmet's favorite food sites!

June 2013

How to Pickle a Sweater (interview)

May 2013

Seattle Weekly

AllParenting.com: Best Dessert Blogs!

RON and DON Radio Program: I was interviewed!

Santa Fe Reporter: Dessert First

A great book review from The Kitchn!

REDBOOK: Summer Chill Dessert recipes!

Salted Butterscotch Bars featured on The Daily Meal!

November 2012

October 2012

Huffington Post loves my Chocolate Fun Size ideas!

July 2012

June 2012

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

February 2012

January 2012

Clipped from: sf.eater.com (share this clip)

December 2011

November 2011

October 2011



September 2011

August 2011

July 2011

June 2011

May 2011

April 2011


March 2011

March 2011: Nobody Puts Cupcake in a Corner!






February 2011

CakeSpy on TV!


January 2011


December 2010


November 2010



CakesSpy featured in Seattle Magazine!

CakeSpy featured on Kelley L. Moore's RAMBLINGS series!

Serious Eats Settles a marital dispute!


September 2010

CakeSpy featured in the Seattle University Spectator!

Food News You Can Use: Bonbon Jovi Truffles featured in WCP!

August 2010

Cake Vs. Pie Featured on the Stranger's SLOG!

CakeSpy featured on Seattle Picks

The Kitchn Loves CakeSpy's Double Chocolate Ice Cream Pudding Pie

Crosscut: Summertime, and the dining is too good to miss

CakeSpy interview on Seattlest

CakeSpy featured on CNN!

June 2010

MyNorthwest.com: CakeSpy Shop: A Sight for Sweet Eyes

All About Weddings and Celebrations: A Feature on CakeSpy Shop!

May 2010:

Mirror Mirror: CakeSpy HQ

Capitol Hill Seattle: CakeSpy Shop Grand Opening

April 2010:

CakeSpy Featured in Sunset Magazine!

Salon.com: Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict

All Things Cupcake: CakeSpy has Her Own Gallery!

Al Dente Blog: The Best Pastry Shops in Paris!


March 2010:

Central District News: Central District Blogger Nominated for Saveur Awards

CakeSpy Announced as a Nominee in the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards!

NY Times Blogs: "Who Eats Princess Cake?"

February 2010:

SFist: CakeSpy's Sweet and Salty Brownies

Examiner San Jose: "Do You Dream in the Language of Cupcakes?"

January 2010:

Stickers and Donuts: Five Reasons Why I love CakeSpy

CakeSpy Going to NYC for an event with Kelly Ripa and Electrolux! (related: interview with In Erika's Kitchen)

La Dolce Viva: "Custom Cupcake and Bacon Commission"

CakeSpy Entries for Serious Eats Featured in O Magazine!

December 2009: 

12.15.09: GlobeLife: "Fake Bakers: Honest to Goodness, I made them Myself"

12.1.09: CakeSpy Featured in the Saveur Gift Guide!

November 2009:

October 2009:

10.2.09: Cuppie-Inspired Cupcakes on Coco Cake Cupcakes!
10.2.09: Fey Handmade: "Cravings: Cupcakes"

September 2009:

9.13.09: JoysLife.com "I dream of owning this watercolor"

August 2009:

8.31.09: CakeSpy is Foodista's Food Blog of the Day!
8.12.09: CakeSpy Rated One of the Best Food Blogs on blogRank!
8.4.09: Rainier Valley Post: "What a Turon"

July 2009:

7.30.09: The Kitchn: "Delicious Links: Chocolate Chip Cookie History"
7.29.09: Serious Eats: "CakeSpy on why whoopie pies ain't all that"
7.27.09: Mixx.com "Delicious S'mores Brownies"
7.23.09: The Stranger Mentions CakeSpy in an article about Seattle Dessert!
7.23.09: I Like Pretty: "CakeSpy Bacon Cards"
7.20.09 The Decorated Cookie: "No Room For Cookie at the Cool Table?"
7.7.09: Lady J in Lotus Pose: "CakeSpy"
7.10.09: Not Martha: Food Links
7.14.09: Utah Loves Cupcakes: "CakeSpy Art"
7.15.09: Capitol Hill Seattle: Food+Drink Notes
7.15.09: GoTimeSeattle: Blogs We're Lovin'
7.15.09: BleedScarlet: "Rutgers Professor=Cupcake Gentrification"
7.15.09: Maida Vale Invitations "One of my all-time favorite shops"

June 2009:

Eric D. Snider: "I'd like to recommend the Cookie Cake Pie"
6.13.09: Quixotic Designs: "One of the great things about living in Seattle is getting to see Jessie Oleson's art around town."
6.11.09: Cupcakes Take the Cake Interview!
6.16.09: PurplePinkandOrange: Scores: $30 and Under!
6.16.09: Glamour.com: "Delicious little monster"
6.24.09: CakeSpy art Featured on The Kitchn!
6.27.09: CPB Gallery: Spying Cake on the Jersey Shore!

May 2009:

5.4.09: Bazaar Bizarre Blog
5.6.09: Seattle MetBlogs on CakeSpy Art at Schmancy!
5.1.09: CakeSpy's Grilled Cheesecake featured on Craftzine!
5.6.09: Jamie of All Trades: CakeSpy Art Show!
5.7.09: Mirror Mirror: CakeSpy!
5.11.09: Locallectual: I Spy, You Spy: CakeSpy at Venue
5.20.09: Neatorama: Grilled Cheesecake Sandwich!
5.21.09: Dying for Chocolate
5.21.09: Edible Crafts: "Know Your Fruity Desserts!"
5.28.09: Phillyist: Thirsty Thursday Links!
5.28.09: Serious Eats: "The most beautiful baked good"
5.29.09: Sarah Jio: "Drool-Worthy!"
5.29.09: Big Art Blog: Watercolors & Cupcakes: a Very Sweet Blend!
5.31.09: Megan's Munchies: "Holy Yum Award!"

April 2009:

4.1.09: Cupcake Take the Cake "10 Favorite Cupcake Blogs"
4.1.09: NenzPaper: "Obsessies van de week"
4.2.09: Serious Eats: "CakeSpy's Puntastic Collection of Rock N Roll Sweets"
4.2.09: Cupcakes Take the Cake "How cute are these...Cotton Candy Cupcakes"
4.3.09: Taylored Expressions: "Sneak Peek!"
4.3.09: Gastrolust "Rolling Scones for Rolling Stones"
4.6.09: Edible Crafts: " Oh Silly CakeSpy...More Peeps!"
4.9.09: The Examiner: Cute Easter Cupcakes!
4.13.09: Wallyhood.org: "CakeSpy comes to Wallingford!"
4.14.09: Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup: "I love Cuppie!"
4.20.09: Not Martha "Off to be Married!"
4.21.09: Cupcakes Take the Cake "Ice Cream Cupcakes!"

March 2009:

3.5.09: Paper Cakes Finds: Unicorns!
3.11.09: Not Martha: "Oh My Goodness! Donut Pies!"
3.13.09: Expatica.com: "Searching for cupcakes in the Netherlands..."
3.14.09: EdibleCrafts: "It's A Donut! It's a Pie!"
3.19.09: Clay and Chocolate "CakeSpy has new buttons!"
3.20.09: Tech News World "Online Journalism Experiment"
3.20.09: All Things Cupcake "Cupcake-themed Easter Rubber Stamps!"
3.21.09: Seattle Weekly's Voracious Blog: "Like a Donut, But Pie"
3.21.09: A reaction to our Cupcake Art Experiment: "A Surprize!"
3.21.09: Serious Eats: "How To Make Fake Cupcakes"
3.21.09: Eat All About It: "Gourmet's Favorite Food Sites!"
3.22.09: Easy Idiot: "How To Make Fake Cupcakes"
3.25.09: Daisy Joe: "Check out these wonderful paintings..."
3.25.09: Cupcakes Take the Cake "Perfect response to cupcake haters..."
3.30.09: All Things Cupcake: Cupcake Notecards Feature!
3.30.09: Look and Taste: Featured Blog: CakeSpy!

February 2009:

2.12.09: Shelterrific Loves CakeSpy!

January 2009:

1.26.09: Zoomdoggle.com: More Fun Than Work!
1.24.09: La Table De Nana!
1.22.09: Seattlest.com: Reality Bites!
1.12.09: Cakespy Featured on Twirlit.com!
1.12.09: Cakespy Art Featured on Seattlest!
1.6.09: Serious Eats' Photo of the Day!
1.5.09: Eats.com!
1/2/09: Twilight Cuppies artwork Featured on Clay and Chocolate!
Cakespy Featured on Twirlit.com!

December 2008:

12.31.08: Cakespy Featured on Obama Foodarama!
12.3.08: Bluebottle Art and Design Blog
12.3.08: Cakespy Artwork Featured in the Seattle P-I Gift Guide!
12.2.08: Lemondrop.com: "Presidential Holiday Desserts"
12.2.08: Not Martha: "Royal Dilemma..."
12.2.08: Hey, That Tastes Good: "Sweet Corn Pudding"
Cakespy artwork in the P-I's gift guide!

November 2008:

11.25.08: The Perfect Pantry: Gifts for Food Lovers
11.16.08: Cakespy featured on shoppingbymail.com!
11.14.08: Upstate Fancy Gift Guide
11.10.08 Yeswecake.com: "I could not believe my good luck.."
Holiday Cards!!

October 2008:

10.29.08: Bakednyc.com: "I Spy..."
10.1.08: Cakespy in Sunset Magazine!
10.1.08: Cakespy Featured on Mastigandocom.blogspot.com!
10.1.08: Bizjournals.com: Cakespy's thoughts on Cupcake Expansion!
10.14.08: Serious Eats NY: Sugar Rush
10.18.08: FoodCandy Front Page Feature!
10.21.08: Fred Flare: "We Love Mail!"
Cakespy Mentioned in Sunset Magazine!

September 2008:

9.2.08: Cornichon.org: "An Adorable Alternative to Gustav"
9.2.08: Seattlest.com: "A Local We're Totes Crushing On"
9.3.08: Serious Eats: "Little Cupcake Learns About the Birds and Bees"
9.7.08: Table Bread: Cakespy Interview!
Little Cupcake Learns About the Birds and the Bees | Serious Eats

August 2008:

8.2.08: Manolo Big: "Why did I Not know this awesome existed?"
8.5.08: Foodbuzz Spotlight!
8.8.08: Fancy Island: "A Sweet tee indeed"
Editorial Ass: "My old and faithful blogfriend Cakespy was kind enough to guest post!"
8.19.08: "Guaranteed to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth"
8.31.08: Have Fun Do Good "5 Blogs for Blog Day"

July 2008:

7.7.08: FoodCandy Front Page!
6.15.08: Wendy Brandes Jewelry: "Cupcakes Will Beat a Bitch's Ass"
7.11.08: Cakespy Art Featured on Etsy's "Storque"
7.11.08: Gluten Free Girl: "Oh, Jessie Oleson from Cakespy, I do so love your whimsical art."
7.22.08: Slashfood: "Is it OK to eat cake for breakfast?"
7.25.08: Haphazard Gourmet: "Food & Couture Pairing"
7.28.08: Devouring sEATtle: Article on Frosting Shots!
7.29.08: Cleveland.com: "Cupcakes in the Park"

June 2008:

6.17.08: Serious Eats: "Photo of the Day"
7.30.08: Seattle PI: On Frosting Shots: "I had to call Cakespy..."
Cakespy Mentioned in the Seattle Post Intelligencer!

May 2008:

5.8.08: SlashFood: "What Do Food Bloggers Make for Mom?"
5.7.08: MyBallard.com: "Pastries at the Locks?"
5.3.08: Tea, Sympathy and Perfume: "If you don't crave a cupcake after reading this blog, you're dead."
5.14.08: Soap Queen: "Cakespy Does Cards!"
5.19.08: Brad + Kathy: "Mazurka Madness"
5.26.08: Food Candy Front Page!
5.31.08: Nesting Instincts: "Grab a cup of coffee and feast on these..."
6.8.08: U of Oregon "Food just like your motherboard used to make"

April 2008:

4.1.08: Cupcakes Take the Cake "We Heart Cakespy"
4.18.08: MKE Cupcake Queen: "Cakespy has really done it this time!"
4.19.08: Merry Moon Designs: "Bride of FrankenCuppie!"
4.18.08: The Girl Tastes: "Skipped the salad at lunch? You could have had a V8 cupcake!"
4.25.08: Serious Eats: "Another Close race: Madeleine Vs. Macaron"
4.10.08: Two Crafty Ladies: "Perfect for a whimsical kitchen..."

March 2008:

3.2.08: CherryRunway: "Calorie Free Cupcakes!"
3.3.08: "A Bare-walled Kitchen can be dreary..."
3.5.08: Seattlest: "Mmm...pink"
3.17.08: All Things Cupcake: "Keeping up with Cakespy"
3.17.08: YumSugar: "Check out this cornucopia of festive soda breads"
3.22.08: Not Martha's Food Links!
3.24.08: Venus Zine: "Andrea...loves Cakespy"
3.25.08: Cuteable "I adore these paintings by Cakespy"
3.25.08: Serious Eats "breathe new life into your Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs..."
Cakespy In the Seattle Times!

February 2008:

2.12.08: Walking the Vegan Line Feature
2.22.08: Seattle Times Online: "Groovy little black-framed drawings of cupcakes..."
2.25.08: FoodCandy: Featured Blog (Frosting Cakewalk in Portland)
2.26.08: Hungry Magazine: "Cakespy has an interview with...Chicago's Babushka Bakery"
2.26.08: Bakerella: "Cakespy sweetly creates cupcake artwork..."

January 2008:

1.9.08: Coterie: "Coterie Loves Cakespy"
1.8.08: Devouring sEATtle: "Cakespy...a mix of deadpan hilarity and pastry introspection"
1.3.08: Bake and Destroy!: "Favorite Blogs of 2007"
1.3.08: All Things Cupcake "Purchase some of this artwork for your home...I know I'm going to"
1.12.08: Cakespy Nominated for Best Food Blog!
1.11.08: Chow.com's The Grinder: "One compassionate blogger, Cakespy, gives a neglected treat its due"

December 2007:

12.2.07: Have Cake Will Travel "I must be the last person on earth to discover the pure talent that Jessie of Cakespy is made of"
12.13.07: Voracious: "Pink art..."
12.25.07: Redacted Recipes "Add it to your favorites right now"

November 2007:

11.30.07: Serious Eats "Cakespy illustrates very cute, anthropomorphic foods, mostly in the form of cupcakes"
11.29.07: Not Martha "I'm so glad I found you Cakespy"
11.28.07: Cupcakes Take the Cake: "Cupcake really takes the cake with...artwork by Jessie Oleson"
11.21.07: The Color Of Blushing Apples: "Life is too sweet!"
11.20.07: Cakespy's Artwork Featured on the All Things Cupcakes Blog!
11.19.07: The Grinder Features Cakespy's Doughnut Guide

October 2007:

10.4.07: The Seattle PI "This Seattle blogger's sweet tooth will tip you off to the best places in town for confectionary treats."
Foodcandy Featured Blog
10.3.07: The Phoenix New Times "These guys take the, um, cake."

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