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Unicorn Love: the Eating Disorder Recovery Blog


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Food/Dessert Blogs and Sites

All You Can Eat: Seattle-based food blog by James Beard award-winning writer Rebekah Denn.
Bake and Destroy: Cakes with attitude. Hilarious, and full of tasty (vegan) fare.
Bake It in a Cake: You'd be amazed by all the things that can be baked into cakes.
Bakerella: One of the most creative ladies I know. Click over and see why she's so famous!
Baking Bites: Awesome blog for bakers. Great recipes, tips, and product reviews.
Betty Crocker: Betty's blog. 'Nuff said.
Bittersweet: Vegan fare served up with tons of cutness and even crochet.
Blondie and Brownie: NYC-based foodie stuff, partially written by my literary agent.
Cakejournal: Love cakes and cake decorating? You'll love this site. 
Chocolate & Zucchini: It's English! It's French! Read this for some great food and armchair travel.
Coco Cake Land: Just stop the cuteness! That's what I want to say every time I visit this site. 
Cookie Madness: Loads of recipes--lots of cookies, but way beyond, too. 
Culinary Concoctions by Peabody: She's not afraid to use butter, and lots of it. I love her!
Culinary Types: A great blog which includes culture and history. 
Cupcakes Take The Cake Blog: Love cupcakes? GO HERE. 
Dessert Buzz: Mostly NYC-based dessert gossip, reviews, and news.
Diner's Journal (on the NY Times): All the news that's fit to eat. 

Domestic Rebel: My California counterpart. <3
Edible Geography: Take your food with a dose of culture on this site and podcast. 
Epicuricloud: The blog of a Pillsbury Bake-Off winner. Awesome recipes and family stuff.
Foodista: All things foodie on this comprehensive blog/recipe site.
Have Cake Will Travel: Creative and delicious vegan recipes that will make you want to go veg.
Hogwash: The blog of Jess Thompson, a food writer whose work I admire. 

I am Baker: A sweet lady with lots of clever recipes and beautiful photos.
Joy the Baker: I have the pleasure of knowing Joy IRL and I'll tell you, her fame is deserved.
Ninja Baking: Tokyo-born, now in America and baking up a storm. Sweet site!
Not Martha: She's not Martha: she's a DIYer for the Tech generation. Love her. 

The Perfect Brownie: All brownies, all the time. Bookmark this site, brownie lovers!

Real Baking With Rose: Who doesn't know Rose Levy Berenbaum? The blog of a master baker. 
Recipe Girl: You'll get lost on this comprehensive and delicious recipe site.
Sarah Jio: An inspiring food and lifestyle writer's site.
Scoopalicious: Ice cream! We all scream for it, this site celebrates it.
Seattle Food Geek: Food! Science! All at once!
Serious Eats: A foodie mecca. There's nothing they don't have.
Tartelette: Francais with beautiful photos. Mos' def worth a visit.

The Kitchn: A great food website with an accent on clever recipes and lifestyle.
The Martha Blog: Of course we have to have Martha's blog on here.

Whipped the Blog: A great website with recipes and ideas, charming writing.

Wine Without Worry: Jameson Fink is a brilliant writer, great guy, and fantastic wit. Share virtual wine with him!


Craftsy: Food and craft classes online, as well as a fantastic blog (I'm a contributor)
Wilton: The Wilton website not only has plenty of tutorials but you can shop online for their extensive products.
Fancy Flours: Baking supplies for all your sweet needs.

Recovery sites

And then She Recovered

Jenni Schaefer, author
Mirasol recovery blog

Not cake, but highly awesome

Adventure to Anywhere: A true adventurer, musician, and hairdresser dishes up travel tips. Seriously.
Amateur Traveler: An awesome podcast that gives on-the-level travel tips for travelers--not tourists.
Jennifer Pooley: Books! Surf! Happiness!
Kari Chapin: A most inspiring lady who writes great books about female small business matters.
Margie Moore Illustration: My mom is kind of a famous illustrator. Check out her work.
Mirror Mirror: A fantastic blog by a Brit who now lives in Seattle. Gorgeous photos, beautiful life.
The Soap Queen (Brambleberry): Not kidding: if you have ever been interested in making soap, go here.

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