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Sweetness Overseas: Cake Gumshoe Cynthia Discovers Cafe 85 Degrees in Shanghai

CakeSpy Note: Don't you love seeing friends' vacation photos? Well, I do...especially the beauty shots of all the delicious foods they ate while away. Here are some shots from CakeSpy buddy (and budding Gumshoe) Cynthia's recent trip to Asia!

Here are some pictures from Cafe 85 Degrees, the Taiwanese bakery I loved in Shanghai. I started photographing the more bizarre items:

... then started taking pictures of standard, sweet pastries.

Then someone who works there caught me and asked me to stop. I didn't have enough Chinese to explain that my friend runs a famous website about baked goods and all things sweet in the United States. Oh well.

International CakeSpy snub aside, the sesame buns and the mocha bread (pictured top of post) were delicious. Also, Cafe 85 has the cheapest good coffee in Shanghai (8 RMB versus 30 at other places) and amazing hazelnut lattes.

Here's their site: http://www.85cafe.us/

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