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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

DONUT HAT! Buy it here.

Everything you ever wanted to know about flour.

Unicorn-related: can this kid write to ME?

Also unicorn-related. Look: a Unicorn-related thing I need.

Inspiring interview with a Philadelphia bakery.

I dig it: Funfetti banana bread.

Remember when I made Funfetti Gooey Butter Cake?

My friend Jameson went to Victoria...which is not too far from Nanaimo...

Strawberry shortcake. A little history, a hella delicious recipe.

In case you missed it: roly polies are the best thing ever.

Now, this makes me happy: whoopie pie cake.

Guess what? Kim of Ninja Baking tried out one of the recipes from my new book on her great site!

Wait. What? Yankee Candle has a whoopie pie scented candle??

In case you need it: aphrodisiac recipes (cakes are included).

A book that focuses on how to ship sweets: The Flying Brownie: 100 Terrific Homemade Food Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones Far Away


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Still a fave: Triple chocolate Nanaimo bars!

Why add honey to a recipe with baking soda? Interesting response.

Healthy desserts? Just say no.

Just another reason to move to Canada!

Should Starbucks stop using Palm Oil in their baked goods?

Does singing "Happy Birthday" actually make cake taste better?

Lemonade Peeps? Believe it. Bubblegum flavored, too.

People. Cotton candy ice cream!!

A Syrian-style baklava...with no honey!

Bakery I wanna visit: Donut Divas, Miami.

In Buttercream, there are a few major players.

From the archives: this one time I made bread and then got all feisty and sweet with it.

Fantastic rainbow cakes! View a collection of 'em here.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of 4th of July Links!

Linking up early for the holiday weekend--enjoy, sweeties!

Still a fave: pop rocks cookies that taste like fireworks!

Cake that looks like the American flag! Cool!

Patriotic rose cake. Red white and yum!

Hot dog cookies! Adorable and not savory, but sweet!

Red white and blue pinwheel cookies!

America the Sweet: Hartford Election Day Cake from United Cakes of America.

Totally sweet trompe l'oeil: hot dog and hamburger style!

Why can't I be eating it right now: pop rocks pound cake!

Grilled Poundcake!

A nice cool-down: watermelon pudding.

Love these red white and blue cupcakes!

Homemade berry rocket pops. Yum!

A roundup I did of cakes for cookouts on Craftsy should also serve as great inspiration! 


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Custom Request

Above: A real life custom order I did: cupcakes in their undies, eating soup, and watching Dawson's Creek. For more of my artwork, shop here.

A sweet reflection, after 20 years in the baking biz.

In case you missed it: part 2 of my book tour was awesome.

Raspberry rhubarb muffins? Sounds tasty to me!

A bakery I love: Make My Cake, NYC.

Marshmallow panna cotta. Fantastic!

Sweet n summery: watermelon pudding, served in a watermelon shell.

Buttercream fundamentals. A delicious education.

I love that this recipe combines fancy wine and cake mix.

16 ice cream sandwich recipes. Yum!


The Poor, Misunderstood Wendy's Frosty.

Do you own my first book? If not, buy it now: CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

A brilliant and beautiful unicorn cake by Retro Bakery in Las Vegas.

Speaking of Retro Bakery, remember when I went there?

IMPORTANT: How to make a fondant unicorn cake topper.

YUM: Apricot Lemon scones!

Wow! Look at this earth cake, with a three level core! (thanks, Farida!)

Enticing to a spy: Undercover cake!

In case you missed it: why cupcakes are nutritious!

I hope this becomes a trend on restaurant websites: dessert  gallery!

Great idea: Zipzicles!

The best kid-cakes in NYC for birthday parties? Right here.

Cronuts go viral; doissants, not so much.

Banana Twinkie Bread Pudding. I wanna carb-o-load on it!

Remember this? Chocolate covered cake on a stick.

Donut sundae. Let's make this a thing!

Homemade Andes Mints. I like this!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Swirlz Cupcakes = super tasty! Try them in Chicago (pictured above).

Best breakfast baked goods in New Hampshire?

Thank god! Now, your sugar can be caffeinated, too.

The state of the retail baking industry? So-so, says this article.

Six new dessert trends, in Columbus.

Pineapple muffins? Sounds yum to me.

Almond Flour Pancakes. Yum!

A regional specialty in Oklahoma: Aunt Bill's Brown Candy!

Twinkies return to production..what does it mean for a small town?

Warm and gooey deep dish chocolate chip cookies. No part of that is wrong.

Need a graduation cake idea?

Dessert trends on the rise: dacquoise and fig cookies. Huh!

Selfies with pop-tarts. My new favorite thing.

Don't forget to enter this totally sweet contest: share the secret life of YOUR favorite baked good!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Secret Lives Illustrations

I still have some book tour dates coming -- find them here!

Some of my recipes were featured on the REDBOOK website! Cool! 

Total bakery meltdown.

Chocolate chip cookie bite with cookie dough buttercream.

A tasty tale of Kipferl, and a recipe too!

OMG cute: pop-tart earrings!

What an amazing idea: dream dollhouse cake!

The low-down on soft-serve.

A sweet summer dessert table!

Love-love-love these cookies: Chocolate mudslide cookies.

How to eat an oreo more awesomely.

What the heck is a cronut? Something you wanna eat, trust me.

Tastes better than actual tiger: dark chocolate "tiger" cookies.

Contest: share the secret life of YOUR favorite baked good!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Portland ice cream

OMG! I am on book tour RIGHT NOW. Come see me!

I'll be at Crafty Wonderland in Portland this weekend!

Burger cake! A tutorial!

Things that I love: the fact that you can search for candy by color on this website!

Rice Krispie birthday cake!

Sometimes you feel like a nut. At those times, make almond joy inspired brownies!

Cinco de Mayo is over, but pinata ice cream cones are always in style.

Pretty, so pretty: Cherry vanilla layer cake.


Oreo and fudge ice cream cake. Need this!

Beer cupcakes with potato chips: tasty!

A bakery is revived...but how to stay profitable?

Tasty: easy hot fudge cake.

Need a new cake stand? These ones are sophisticated and pretty.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

First off, a special link - and easy way to win an autographed copy of my new book, which is released on Tuesday! All you have to do is go over to my book's Facebook page and "like" it! I'll choose a winner at random next friday from the people who like the page. So if you've already "liked" it, you're already entered! If you haven't already liked it, go do it now to get yourself entered! How could that possibly get any easier?

Related: ahem...buy my book, please.

Citrus tutti-frutti muffins--I'm game!

What is volador? Find out!

For fans of the book Matilda: Bruce Bogtrotter's chocolate cake!

What can I say? Girl Scouts Love Me.

I could get into it: Marshmallow Popcorn cake.

I like: rhubarb crumble pie.

I also love: So Suzette's crumb cake.

30 Gorgeous Literary Cakes!

I wish I was eating a cookie dough truffle right now.

Wine blogger Jameson Fink has some sweet things to say about my new book!

It's almost Cinco de Mayo. Time to make a tortilla torte!

Or...perhaps some Margarita cupcakes!

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