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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 Bus Cake! Via BusChick.Shake it up? Nah, let's Cake it up in advance of what promises to be the sweetest weekend ever! Here's a sweet batch of links to get you started.

Pie Versus Cake, scientifically speaking. (thanks, Elena!)

Sweet interview with a baker from Frostings Cupcakes in California!

Get on the bus: Seattle metro bus cake, and story, via BusChick!

Valentine's Day is over, but I still wanna eat these "Naked" sweets.

Hershey's Hugs hidden inside of cookies: a recipe I can embrace.

Palm beach brownies, for people who dislike the words "beach body" as much as I do.

Not just pie in the sky: if smokers get their own designated area, why not pie eaters? (thanks Julia!)

76 Levels of Bliss: In St. Louis, MO, a magical place called Park Avenue Coffee has 76 flavors (and counting!) of Gooey Butter Cake.

Creamsicle Conversation Heart Cupcakes: Once again, I. Love. Peabody.

The Holy Grail of Pecan Rolls, in Los Angeles? I'm intrigued.

Sweetburger: who doesn't love a burger and fries cake?

That's hot: Hot chocolate pudding is what love tastes like.

Le nom: Chocolate raspberry mini brownies.

Got leftover conversation hearts? Try this controversial pie.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Cookies from Macrina Bakery, Seattle

Love is in the air...or is that just the sweet scent of sugar and melting butter? Either way, let's link up for the weekend:

Taste the rainbow: Kaleidoscope cake!

Strawberry milk cake: perfect for Valentine's Day, or really any occasion. (thanks to Erin for the tip!)

Maine Event: Maine in crisis over which should be the official state dessert: Whoopie Pie or Wild Blueberry Pie. Team Whoopie!

The secret to bakery-style Peanut Butter Cookies? Half butter, half shortening, says Seattle Local Flavor.

You've got me, this isn't cake. But Zombies Vs. Unicorns deserve a link, friends.

Shake Shack and Shamrock Shake in one sentence? Unholy...but wholly delicious.

Seeing Red (Velvet): Red Velvet Cake is taking over Boston!

Chocolate desserts in Seattle: a fantastic roundup.

A totally sweet roundup of Valentine's Day desserts, via Lark Crafts!

February is the Carbiest Month: Pancake Month at Clinton Street Baking!

A Singles reference, and a delicious recipe for Tiramisu Brownies: clearly, Peabody is my sister from another mister.

Sweet stop-motion: a Valentine on YouTube, featuring happy Red Velvet Whoopie Pies!

Sweet memories: red wine valentines are divine.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 Happy, happy, happy weekend! Let's get it off to a totally sweet start with a baker's dozen of links:

Let's Talk About Pie Less and Eat It More: Another reason to love Baked's Matt Lewis.

Of course, as Megan Seling reminds us in The Stranger...pie has arrived...but then again, PIE NEVER LEFT.

...and also if you're in Seattle, eat pie at these places, says Nancy Leson (she is to be listened to).

Speaking of pie (I realize that I am talking about pie and should be eating it more), do you believe I once thought it needed help being cooler?

Remember my obsession with the Mazurka Bar? Author Judi Hendricks (who got me obsessed in the first place) blogs about it here!

In NYC? Please get your cookie on, with the return of Dorie Greenspan's CookieBar!

Mama, what's a Kruffle? Tell you when you're older. Just kidding - they're cake truffles!

Sweets for your sweet: Truffle Truffle candies on the TastingTable Sweet Shop!

Warm and Fuzzy: Cotton Candy Heart Cookies by Chic Cookies!

Fame and sweet fortune: CakeSpy isn't the only one being filmed this week. Trophy Cupcakes is going to be featured on The Cooking Channel!

For those of you who will not be watching the Super Bowl, Melissa Clark proposes a pinkies-out feast of crumpets and marmalade. I say you can do both.

Speaking of the NY Times, Mark Bittman (who I am in love with, sorry Mr. CakeSpy) steps down as the Minimalist. To honor him? A link to one of his desserts, Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding.

Sweet memories: Avocado cake for Serious Eats (perfect for the leftover avocados once you've made your super bowl guacamole!).


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

It's, like, SO Friday. Let's celebrate a sweet weekend ahead, starting with some awesome sugar-stuffed links:

Sweet! Sweetie Pies from MegPies (pictured top) are not only a sweet sentiment, but very cute to boot.

Fun, fun, funfetti: Peabody and I are sympatico: while I was frying some Funfetti Pancakes, she was baking Funfetti Bread Pudding.

Sweet love: I've got a bakery crush on Naeglin's, the oldest bakery in Texas! I'd love to visit this bakery, which has an interesting history and delicious menu! (Thanks Sabrina for the tip!)

Jim's Pancakes: Cute and sweet!

Sweet read: I just read (and truly enjoyed) True Confections: A Novel by Katharine Weber, a novel about a confectionery family business at war with itself. Though the story is fictional, many details about the candymaking industry ring true!

Whoopie! A recipe and sweet tribute, from Bake and Destroy.

Speaking of whoopie pies, this Maine institution offers them in big, bigger, and biggest sizes.

Just donut: a fascinating recipe for doughnuts using instant biscuits.

Biscuit time: the cutest joconde you've ever seen!

Curious about how that book of mine is coming along? Here's a sweet sneak peek on the blog of the photographer, Clare Barboza!

One crafty cupcake: check out what a sweet blogger made with the CakeSpy stamps for Taylored Expressions!

Sweet desktop designs, and cupcake toppers, by artist Anne Bryant (via Diggin Food)

Finally, you just have a few more days to shop for original artwork at Trophy Cupcakes - I am taking down the show at Wallingford on the 31st! Quick, get yourself over there and buy some CakeSpy art!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

US map cake

Another week is over--let's make this weekend totally sweet, starting with some links for your viewing pleasure:

Pop-'ems: CakePops.com was recommended by a reader, and after checking out their site, I sure wish I could pop one of those in my mouth.

More things to Pop: Marshmallow Popcorn balls sound mighty nice.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles: All of my favorite food groups, all at once!

Float On: A new trend for 2011--floats (root beer, and more exotic) at dessert tables? I like the idea of that!

Jammin': Bet this Clementine Marmalade Jam would taste great on biscuits or in thumbprint cookies.

Forget-me-Knots: Sweet Love Knot Cookies.

Get Baked: In case you missed the news, BAKED now has brownie mixes at Williams-Sonoma!

America the Sweet: I am impressed by this Map of the USA cake. (pictured top)

Who knew? Arkansas is a sort of "Rice Belt" in the US. I'm intrigued by this recipe I found for "Riceland Pudding With Butterscotch Nut Sauce".

Beer...and candy...together? That's right: Beercandy.

Funfetti Cake Batter Dip? Thanks for the recipe, sister from another mister.

Looking for a delicious King Cake? Last year we sampled Sucre's great version, and highly suggest it.

Playing with Cupcakes is more Fun than Work: Yup, it's true, and here's a game to prove it.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Reasons to Love "Killer Pies" by Stephanie Anderson

Hey, sweeties. Remember how I won that Chronicle Books Happy Haul-Idays contest? Well, I'm happy to say I've been receiving my $500 worth of books a little at a time, and have been more overjoyed with each addition to my cookbook collection.

But my current favorite of the batch has to be Killer Pies: Delicious Recipes from North America's Favorite Restaurants by Stephanie Anderson. Published in 2007, this book features pie recipes and lore from all around the US and Canada, and makes for some deliciously fascinating reading. But don't just take my word for it: here's a baker's dozen of my favorite bits from the book: 

  1. Another explanation for the name "Shoofly Pie" from The Famous Dutch Restaurant, Frackville, PA: I had always thought the story behind the pie's name was due to the fact that it was so sweet that the baker had to "shoo" flies away from the rich, gooey filling; however, as I learned from this eatery's entry, which includes a recipe for "Wet-Bottom Shoofly Pie" (I know, take up the name with them), there is another theory, which I also love: "others claim that shoofly is a corruption of the French word for cauliflower ("chou-fleur"), as the crumbly top slightly resembles the vegetable". 
  2. Before I Die, I Must Eat Fudge Pie from Ed & Kay's, Benton, Arkansas: Upon reading the entry about this eatery, I had a sudden and massive urge to take a road trip to AR for a sample of their "cinnamon rolls the size of dinner plates" and for the fudge pie, made with a decadent, pecan-chocolate filling, for which there is a recipe in the book, adapted from a customer who shared the recipe with co-owner Kay Diemer.
  3. Top of to-do List, Lynden Dutch Bakery, Lynden, WA: For shame: this place is located in the very state I live, and yet I've never heard of it. "Downtown Lynden, in fact, could be renamed Little Holland. Many of the townspeople speak Dutch...Lynden Dutch Bakery owners Steve and Rise Copeman whip up homemade cookies, wedding cakes, pastries, breads, and pies with that special Dutch touch. Sour cream raisin pie is a favorite." And there's a recipe for it in the book!
  4. There is an actual place called Pie Town in New Mexico: Wait. Hold! The! Phone! There is a place called Pie Town!? Why don't I live there? Oh, and there's a pretty spectacular-sounding recipe from The Daily Pie Cafe, from said town, for New Mexican Apple Pie, which contains green chiles!
  5. Manitoba Maple-Walnut Pie: Doesn't the name just send a shiver of happiness down your spine? This sweet treat is a specialty at Just Desserts Cafe in Winnipeg, Manitoba (that's Canada, in case you didn't know), which specializes in "sweets that are rich and sinful, as the best ones always are." This one combines maple syrup, brown sugar, chocolate, and walnuts for a treat that is making me want to rush north of the border!
  6. Bob Andy Pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies, Baltimore, MD: I don't know why this pie is called the "Bob Andy", but I do know that as soon as I read the description from owner Rodney Henry (a pie-maker and tattooed rock-star), who called it a "white trash creme brulee", I knew I had to try it. Basically a simple custard pie, here is my attempt!
  7. Poogan's Porch is a Porch I want to visit: Located at 72 Queen Street, Charleston, SC's Poogan's Porch boasts not only a ghost (a former resident of the building, Zoe St. Amand, a spinster schoolteacher) but also a fantastic spin on the classic pecan pie: something beautiful and glorious called the Kalua Pecan Pie. "A kick of coffee flavor to complement the rich nuts" sounds pretty nice to me!
  8. A perfect-pie crust tip from a professional: Nicole Anhalt, pastry chef at aforementionedPoogan's Porch, also offers a valuable tip for perfect pie crust (a tip specific to her unbaked-shell pecan pie, but I believe it could be used for other recipes which call for an unbaked pie shell): Just before you begin to make the filling, place the pie shell in the freezer. when you're finished, pull the shell out of the freezer and add the pecans and filling. The almost-frozen shell will result in a flakier crust."
  9. Saskatoon Pie, the existence of, and a recipe for: Apparently, there is a berry native to Canada called the Saskatoon Berry. While I've never tried this berry, I'm already pretty sure that its best use is in pie form, and the entry for Black Cat Guest Ranch in Hinton, Alberta, includes a wonderful-sounding recipe, which includes saskatoon berries (described as small, purple berries which have a subtle berry-almond flavor), juice, and spices sandwiched between a rich double crust.
  10. Ohio's Oldest Hotel Makes Delicious Pie: Under the entry for The Golden Lamb, noted as being "Ohio's Oldest Hotel", from Lebanon, OH, there is a recipe for "Sister Lizzie's Shaker Sugar Pie", a "staple" pie, so called because it has ingredients likely to be found in any pantry.
  11. Crystal Lake, it's Not Just for Friday the 13th Fans: Apparently there is a reason to go to Crystal Lake, IL, other than the fact that it has the same name as the campgrounds in the Friday the 13th movies. That reason is pie, specifically apple pie, which can be found very deliciously atAround The Clock Restaurant & Bakery.
  12. Grapes, They're Not Just For Wine: You heard me. Grapes are apparently for pie, too. Case in point: the Concord Grape Pie of Arbor Hill Winery of Naples, New York. Boozeless but bountifully buttery and delicious, the book has a recipe for this pie, which is known to locals as "famous Naples grape pie". Fascinated? Me too.
  13. A Shout-out to The Little Pie Company: During and after college, when I lived in NYC and worked at a rubber stamp store, one of my favorite customers (who had us make custom rubber stamps with their logo) was Little Pie Company. And in this book, you can find their decadently delicious recipe for deep-dish, old fashioned apple pie. Awesome!

 You should really buy the book. Do that here.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Happy New Year! Well, almost. Kick 2010 outta your life with some sweetness:

Happy New Year! Start it out right (and use up that leftover New Year's Eve champagne!) with mimosa brownies.

Also, in case you were curious, here's how various desserts taste when paired with the bubbly stuff.

Another good use for holiday leftovers: GingerNog Tres Leches Cake!

Perfect for New Year's Eve: Champagne Party Cupcakes!

Things I want to eat: the Cinnamon Snail from Bozeman's Sola Cafe (I saw a picture in an airline in-flight magazine)

Get Greek: Vaselopita (Greek New Year's Cake) Recipe!

Biscuits? Wine? Together, so divine! Wine Biscuits from King Arthur Flour.

Because I just visited Amish Country...I am excited about this website full of Amish dessert recipes!

Darling Can You Hear Me? SOS! Baking SOS, that is. 

Chocolate Raspberry Torte: It has a serving of fruit, and it is gluten-free. Health food!

Chocolate dipped cheesecake pops: I'm feeling it.

The Big Chill: surely I'm not the only one who wants to go to Iceland (or at least find an Icelandic bakery!) after reading about all of their delicious sweet specialties.

Remember Christmas? Wasn't that awesome? Revisit those sweet memories with SpyMom's Snowy Snickerdoodles.

Sweet cakes, sweet cause: Enter a cake (or vote for your favorite--for every 20 votes, money will be donated to charity)  for Pink Cake Box's sweet event for charity!



Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Image: Raptortoe.comHappy Freaking Christmas Eve! Let's get the party started with a batch of sweet links (hint: for those of you who are mathematically inclined, yes, there are more than usual):

My favorite Christmas Cookies: Killer Dinosaur Gingerbread Cookies (pictured top)

SnowCats: Alpine Kitty Cupcakes!? Adorable!

Sweet Discovery: Cake Gumshoe Bobby shared a sweet find which is proving intriguing: the pasticciotti, a single-serving custard-filled tart which can be found at Florentine Pastry in Utica, NY.

Red-Hot: Betty Crocker tells us what's trendy this holiday season.

I'd stop the world and melt with you: sweet love for Melt Bakery!

Christmas Pudding Mash-Up: a Pudding Chomeur recipe via TastingTable.

Oh, Fudge: Two sweet and slightly unexpected varieties, including Tahini and Drunken Cranberry. Yum!

Seriously Sweet: Snapshots and recipes from the Serious Eats cookie swap!

Blue Christmas: Blue Glutinous Rice Cakes Recipe.

Seeking Surefire Sweetness? These sugar cookies are King Arthur Flour Guaranteed!

Sweet Obsession: I have a strange obsession with Sioux Falls, SD. Here are the winning holiday cookie recipes from the sweet city!

Coffee-Flavored Corn Cookies? Color me intrigued, Caroline Russock!

Vegan...peanut...butter...fudge? I'm down.

Soapy Cakes? No, not really...just cakes cleverly made using soap MOLDS! Very cool, Brambleberry!

Let it dough, let it dough, let it dough: Christoph Niemann is a genius, and this is probably my favorite Christmas cookie link, thing, recipe, idea, whatever, EVER.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Cool! All right! Let's get in a cheerful holiday mood with a batch of sweet links!

High 5! In Seattle, High 5 Pie opens its first retail location on December 30. YES!

Gelato? Hot Toddy? Why decide? They come together beautifully, here.

Mm, tastes like Santa. Eat Santa's face, in pancake form! (I did this recipe as a coloring book page for Taste of Home, too!)

Breakfast of Champions: new All-Star Peanut Butter blogger Honey & Jam offers up a recipe for peanut butter pop-tarts!

Rock Candy...that actually looks like pebbles! 

Candy Cane Cream Pie? I think, yes.

Gingerbread House Contest! I'm a celebrity judge. Enter here!

Holiday Cookie Hell: For your holiday amusement.

Butter makes it better: Buy yourself (and your friends) a butter loaf.

Nothing to biscoff at: if you like the biscoff cookies served on some flights, here's a copycat recipe.

Lemon Aid: Lemon bars get a sweet (gluten-free) makeover on Gluten-Free Girl.

Family Circle's Editors dish on their six favorite Christmas cookie recipes: score!

Sweet Memories: Gingerbread Mad Men on Serious Eats!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Oh, happy day! It's Friday, and you know what that means: a batch of totally sweet links before I head down to Crafty Wonderland this weekend!

Brussels Sprouts Cupcakes that look better than the ones I made!

So Fresh and So Sweet, Sweet: Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie, by Baking Bites!

Not that you could have possibly missed it, but on the extremely unlikely chance that you did, read the story about me by Rebekah Denn in the Seattle Times. Now, please.

Something from last year that still makes me squeal by virtue of its adorableness: mini gingerbread houses to perch on your mug, by Not Martha.

Push, don't shove: Cupcake push pops by Meringue Bake Shop!

Sweet selections: What do food bloggers look forward to eating around the holidays? Find out here.

Feel free to buy this for me: Laduree: The Sweet Recipes (thanks to Matt Lewis of BAKED for introducing me to it!)

Butterscotch Eggnog? I think I love you, Melissa Clark.

Pop Culture-inspired desserts: Sweet treats inspired by TV characters.

Cin-sational: A Cincinnati food critic's thoughts on the cake ball trend, plus pie on a stick.

Sweet new discovery: Marika's Velvet Bakery, a new custom-order bakery in the Seattle area!

Sweets for the Sweet: Check out the Baker's Gift Guide I did for Serious Eats!

Sweet memories: remember these Red and Green holiday cookies?

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