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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Hop to: Easter Egg Pops!

Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict!

Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs!

Cadbury Creme Egg Foo Young!

Cadbury Creme Scrambled Eggs!

Interview with a Cadbury Creme Egg!

Cake Batter Buddies...let's be friends.

Weird cupcake flavors: delicious or disgusting?

A sweet necklace shaped like baking gear!

A sweet behind the scenes look at Payard!

Can croissants be sexy? Jay Friedman thinks so.

Bakery I wanna visit: Dominique Ansel.

An American classic: German Chocolate Cake.

Speaking of German Chocolate, here's a "moderately easy" recipe for an ice cream cake adaptation.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Image: FacebookBakery I wanna visit: Crescent Doughnuts.

Sweet! I met with CakeSpy enthusiasts who prove that "reading is totally sweet"!

Pecan pie cheesecake.

Cookies made of flour, that look like flowers! Seriously, you've got to see it to believe it.

Open Sesame Pie. Thanks for making me aware of this, Coconut & Lime!

15 easy and sweet desserts: thanks, the Kitchn!

A Milwaukee bakery with an interesting backstory.

Walnut Cake with Chocolate Whipped Cream! YUM!

Fun times: enjoyable.  Funny Cake: Delicious!

Yum: Strawberries and cream cookie sandwiches!

Belles of the ball: Coconut belles.

Woot! CakeSpy on Gizmodo!

Sweet food art (OK, savory too--but all are adorable!)

Bakery I wanna visit: the Cravory (thanks, Caley!)

Million Dollar Baby: this year's Pillsbury Bake-off winning recipe, which won a million dollars!

Interesting: on the power of mediocrity of baking.

Mmmmmmmaple! Cookies, that is.

Cadbury Creme Egg Tarts!

Cadbury "Creme" Brulee!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Cinnabunnies! See picture above.

Yeah, yeah. I made Cadbury Creme Egg Salad Sandwiches.

Educake-tion: A bakery designed with education in mind.

Rainbow connection cupcakes! All that's missing is a unicorn inside.

I want to eat this: chocolate malt cookies.

I also want to eat this: Cinnamon vanilla bean ice cream.

Marshmallow chocolate chip cornflake cookies: just crazy enough to be delicious!

Cutest cookies ever? Possibly.

Chocolates by Kelly. Deliciousness!

If you want to see a pretty Peeps cake...click here.


I want to be friends with these lemon cupcakes.

Coconut bliss milkshake. YUM!

Popovers! With dark chocolate Irish Cream sauce.

Milk chocolate layer cake: yes please.

I officially despise frozen yogurt, but this made me smile.

Interesting: have food blogs jumped the shark? 


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Whoa: those are not flowers! They're flour-and-sugar! 

Whoopie Pie Cake: this one's a beauty.

Lucky charm: trap a leprechaun with this cake!

Sweet memories: remember when I messed with all that Soda Bread? 

Sweet recycling: Turn your cupcake box into a laptop case!

SpyMom's favorite Irish Soda Bread recipe, though, I would not mess with.

Heaven: chocolate chip cheesecake bar cookies.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to eat my pie in slab form.

Short and stout: chocolate stout whiskey cupcakes recipe. 

Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs. Tis the Season. 

Millet muffins: they're not as healthy as they sound (and I say that as a compliment).

Bakery I wanna visit: Alice Bakery.

Another bakery I wanna visit: Newman's Bakery, Swampscott, MA.

Two Fat Cats is changing ownership! Hope they keep the whoopie pie recipe the same.

Brownie pudding, anyone?

Peeps S'more ice cream pie. Yes.

Sweet art: Pantone themed fruit tarts.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Um, adorable! Lemon-shaped macarons.

Speaking of lemon...how 'bout lemon-flavored Yoda cookies?

I hope you didn't miss these cookie props!

Which girl scout cookie tastes best in a shake? Find out here.

Let's kiss: potato kisses!

Happy birthday...to Oreos!

mmm...homemade Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts!

Homemade Fig Newtons? Sweet!

Of course, everyone knows Fig Newtons are better when dipped in chocolate and put on a stick.

A cake fit for a princess, with cones for towers.

A puddle I'd like to jump into: fudge puddle cookies.

Pretty in pink: Battenberg Cake.

A different type of crab-cake!

Speaking of seaside cakes: here's a very cute one!

Breakfast, but sweet: blueberry oatmeal popovers!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

The Starbucks Effect: interesting to see the effect of Starbucks canceling a contract with a commercial bakery.

...and another account, different bakery, similar story.

Jubilee! Cherries Jubilee from Whipped the Blog.

Sweet history: Many interesting stories about sweets in History on a Plate by Eric Stanway

Why I bake my own birthday cake: a sweet recipe and essay on The Kitchn.

Dessert Wontons? I can dig it.

Watch your cupcake! TSA Cupcake Crackdown.

Slow but steady: Turtle Cake worth waiting for.

Whoopie! Whoopie pies find a sweet spot in Arizona.

Bread with chocolate and olive oil. Yum!

OMG! Sparkly rainbow Unicorn Poop cookies. Funny!

Bakery I wanna visit: Oh So Sweet Sugar Boutique in Surrey, BC

Interesting: The importance of Salt in sweets.

Trompe l'oeil cakes for the ages - thanks to Maggie of Serious Eats for sharing!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Image: Handcrafts and CookeryThe happiest birthday: look at this post about someone who baked the rainbow cake from my book!

Whoopie! Or...maybe don't be so jubilant about it, because according to this article, they're not the next big thing.

Still, The Miss Cupcake's whoopie pie bar idea is fantastic...bar none!

A funny article about baking holiday gifts in theory versus in practice.

Baking concept I love: Stolen Goods Bake Shop.

Sports star rejects cake, baker gets angry. Thanks for sharing, Lovely Confections!

LOVE this: Sponge Cake Samaritan.

Are you a Western Washington food blogger? OMG, enter this Girl Scout Cookie contest!

Mmm...Almond Biscotti. A Smitten Kitchen favorite, brought to my attention by Minty Fresh Design.

Are you a creative baker? Enter this cupcake contest for great prizes!

Who knew that there was an Arizona walnut? Who knew that they make for an awesome sticky bun?

Crafty cupcakes and artists: you might be interested in this upcoming craft conference, Craftcation!

Chocolate I wanna try: John & Kira's chocolate.



Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

New year, new you! Instead of eating better, eat more butter. Let me help get you started:

Still one of my favorites: How to make a candy salad.

Breakfast of champions: Biscuits with sugar butter. Om nom nom.

Bump in the night: Bumpy Cake looks like a delight.

Cool! My site is now featured on Recipe.com's "Food Blogs we love".

A very sweet interview with a celebrity pastry chef on DessertBuzz!

Sad: the end of a kuchen era in Hebron, ND.

Angel Food, but not cake: Angel Biscuits, a story and recipe.

An oldie but goodie: Dreamy Donuts.

Ever heard of Trenary Toast? I hadn't either.

Delicious: Dulce de leche gelato. 

Things that have made me happy in the past: King Cake from Sucre in New Orleans.

Yum: Shirley Temple Cupcakes.

Sweet dishing: A fun interview on the Village Voice blog with the brains behind One Girl Cookies.

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