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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Sweet art: gingerbread man meets Da Vinci with this sweet t-shirt design by Matt Needham.

Le nom nom nom: Blueberry Buttercream tutorial.

Better than any lollipop I've seen: Deep-fried butter on a stick. (thanks, Megan!)

Bee sweet: Beehive Bakery, open now (or soon?) in Seattle.

Cake...batter...martinis? Yes, please. (thanks, Jen!)

All about the cookie: Little Lulu's Confections is a totally sweet cookie blog!

Where are your scruples? Who cares, when there are Strooples around?

Brownies, but not the kind mom made: FDA issues a warning!

Sweet discovery: I'm kind of in love with Bobbie's Baking Blog.

Show and Tell: Chinatown Cake Club makes a secret appearance at this upcoming NYC art event. 

In Good Taste: a sweet blog post about visiting Seattle and CakeSpy Shop, by The Simple Livings!

Pin me: If you're in Chicago, on September 9, there's a sweet Superhero Button Series release party at Busy Beaver Buttons! One of the designs was done by yours truly!

Sweet discovery: Firebird Chocolate (thanks for the tip, FoodbeatNW!)

Sweet n Sour: Lemon-Sour Cherry Coffeecake inspired by Macrina Bakery!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Best. Video. Ever. Thanks for sharing, Haute Cocktail!

OMG! OMG! Confetti Cake Pop-Tarts.

Bakery I wanna visit: Lochel's Bakery, PA. They have a cannoli cake on the menu, people.

Sweet: dessert plates by Rosanna pair with Seattle desserts quite nicely.

Cupcakes with a serious kick, from Hungry in Brooklyn.

Watch out, seagull: a bakery gets a bouncer to keep away seagulls.

Do the Dew: Mountain Dew Cake!?

ButterGirl Baking Co.: can I be part of the club?

Want to party? Summer patio party at Bredenbeck's, where the new patio is finished! They are also the makers of the sweet cupcakes pictured above.

Sweet! A very cute and sweet birthday wish from Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Glazed and confused: Cupcake glazes, and how to attain the pretty look.

Peanut butter and...honeycomb? A most delicious-sounding pie from Bon Appetit.

Brownies stuffed with caramel? Yes please.

Candy Catering: Ricky's of Red Bank, NJ offers Candy Buffets.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Enter a giveaway for this cute book!Sweet weekend times ahead...starting now! Here are my favorite links of the week.

Sweet Seattle: Ladies are taking the cake (and the entire dinner too!) as Seattle's new wave of Food influencers.

Sweet Story: Three sweets from Goldilocks Bakery in Cerritos, CA.

Cold and sweet: some wonderful-looking frozen treats in NYC.

Sweet chill: Chunk N Chip: gourmet ice cream sandwiches. YES!

Rolling in Dough: In China, DIY bakeries take off.

Nice buns, hon: Jane's Sweet Buns now open in NYC!

Learn something sweet: I am teaching a class on Guerilla Marketing in Seattle!

Bakery I wanna visit: Baked & Wired in Washington DC!

Just call her Doctor Delicious: Ph D-serts offers custom cakes in Florida!

Bakery I want to visit: SWEET in Hoboken!

Cobbled streets: no, cobbled sweets!

Sweetness: CakeSpy featured on Cookies in the Cupboard!

Suzie Creamcheese: Enter and win in this Philly Cream Cheese baking contest!

Bananarama: Bananappeal makes banana cakes in mason jars, in SF! Awesome.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Image: Christopher BoffoliThis weekend is gonna be totally sweet, dudes. Let's get it started:

Sweet discovery: Small wonders with sweet treats.

Spied by VeggieGirl: Edibles Incredible! in Virginia.

Let's nosh: CakeSpy featured on Seattle Metropolitan's Nosh Pit!

Oh say can you See's? A behind-the scenes look at See's Candies.

Did you miss my Grasshopper Pie in a Brownie Crust? here it is again.

Whip It: Secrets of perfect whipped cream.

OMG alert: Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter has peanut butter in flavors like "Chocolate Chipmunk" (pb with dark chocolate chunks) and "Pretzel Pizazz" (pretzels, peanut butter, honey and cinnamon). Thanks Christina for the lead!

Sweet: a very sweet feature on my work, which apparently is beloved by diabetics!

Stand in the place where you live: Sweet cake stands by Sarah's Stands!

Sweet trompe l'oeil: Eggs and bacon that are sweet to eat! (thanks, EB!)

A lot'o Gelato: The Nibble dishes on a great gelato find.

Sweet Sprinkles: Stacie of Cupcakes Take the Cake puts Sprinkles mixes to the test.

It's Biscuit Time: A great article about biscuits from the NY Times.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 Let's start the weekend sweetly, NOW!

Sweet: CakeSpy designed a cupcake hero button for Busy Beaver Buttons!

Going beyond the cupcake: More theories.

Roaringly delicious: Megan Seling tells us we should go to Cafe de Lion in Queen Anne, Seattle.

Pretty Pretty Princess: A new princess-themed cookbook for kids (and princess enthusiasts of all ages).

Gluten-Free, but full of awesome: delicious GF chocolate cupcakes by The Cupcake Project.

You are officially permitted to make this for me: Creme de Cacao Torte!

What is baking powder? Baking Bites dishes.

I hear very good things, even if the first word of their business name frightens me: Healthy Stuff Cakery.

Good idea: Summer Pie Party.

Sweet San Francisco: or should we call it Pie Town?

Boo-Meringue: Meringue Bake Shop has a sweet new website design.

C'est Bon: Bien Cuit opens in Brooklyn!

Dainty Cakes for sweet appetites: Dainty Cakes seems like a sweet destination in Henderson, NV!

Another type of Turkish delight: dondurma, a sticky ice cream.

When a jelly roll mates with a pancake: The Donkey Roll, a sweet California specialty.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 If your baby isn't wearing one of these, it's not as cute as it could be.Let's get this party started. Sweet links o' the week:

Baby Onesies! Featuring CakeSpy art! OMG!

A gorgeous rainbow of cookies

Small state, big deliciousness: a secret bakery gem in Rhode Island.

Sweet! Cake Gumshoe Sarah (you may remember her from her guest posts, including how to bake in a dorm) has started her own blog! Check it out here.

Holey yum: Lemon Coconut Mini Doughnuts!

Sweet Hearts...literally! How to bake a heart into a cupcake. (thanks, SoapQueen!)

Things you are allowed to buy me: Brownie Pops by Chocolate Swirl.

Denmark...in Denver? Taste of Denmark Bakery in Colorado.

Have we talked enough about my cannoli ice cream recipe? No, not enough.

Simply sweet: a simple and delicious chocolate ice cream recipe.

Reader-suggested: Peterson's Tasty Delights Bakery in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Stuff baked in stuff. It's big. 

Don't snicker: could Snickerdoodles be the next big thing in dessert?

The growing trend of shrinking cupcakes: but I like BIG cupcakes!

Internationally delicious: Butter Tart Cupcakes!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

That's felt food!

Let's indulge this weekend. Starting now:

Delightful, but not delicious: my new obsession, Fuzz E Food.

The best ice cream in the US? Here's a roundup.

You say Nanaimo: CakeSpy's love of the Nanaimo Bar is documented in a Memphis publication! (thanks, Diana!)

I love LA: CakeSpy Shop customers visiting from Los Angeles tell me The Village Bakery + Cafe is "the best!"

Sweet news: in Chicago, Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal is opening a new type of bakery.

Food for the eyes, but not fulfilling: a treatise on cake shows on TV.

Things I wanna eat: Ebelskiver at Broder.

Bakery I wanna visit: Royal T in Los Angeles! (tip from Jenn!)

I'm just not sure if a Marijuana Mocha sounds delicious to me.

The Boston Baked Goods Hall of Fame. What sweet would you nominate?

I find bakery product trends fascinating.

Sweet: an ode to the unsung heroes of biscuit (cookie) embossing! (thanks Anna for the lead!)

My new favorite publication: Lucky Peach, brought to you by McSweeney's, David Chang, and Peter Meehan.

Sweet interview: Get ready for Urban Craft Uprising with this CakeSpy interview!

30 under 30: I'm featured in this roundup of talented foodie young 'uns.

Sweet Bluebird: In Seattle, Celebrate Bluebird Ice Cream's birthday, enjoy music, and see the unveiling of my mural!



Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

This weekend is gonna be totally sweet.

It's coming! Whoopie Pie Bake-off, part deux, at Oddfellows Cafe; coming up on July 12!

The Chocolate Pizza Company. I only know the name and I'm already in love.

Poppin' fresh: ever heard of Pie Poppers?

Sweet tip: Leslie Kelly tells me that the Salt and Pepper chocolate bar by Olive and Sinclair is to die for.

Seeking a "transcendental cookie experience"? Look no further than Chimu Peruvian Soul Food in LA.

Oh, great. Thanks, My Kugelhopf. Now I have to go to Zurich, to eat pastries at Les Gourmandises de Miyuko.

Milk it: I want buttermilk doughnuts like these, RIGHT NOW.

Cookies, designed to be paired with wine? How divine. Cookies & Corks does it!

Sweet Providence! I have it on good authority that The Cupcakerie in Providence, RI is very, very good.

Appetizing Animation: thanks for turning me on to this, Meister!

Very useful information: did you know that mason jars can be used with most blenders? (thanks, Bethany!)

Sweet Youth: Young Coconut Cream Pie Recipe!

Did you miss my sweet recap of the official CakeSpy Visit to Wilton Headquarters?



Five Reasons Seattle Dessert Lovers Must Buy Keren Brown's Food Lover's Guide to Seattle

If you live in Seattle, you pretty much need to buy the newly released book Food Lovers' Guide to Seattle: Best Local Specialties, Markets, Recipes, Restaurants & Events by Keren Brown.

If you don't know Keren Brown (if you live in Seattle, and are involved with food at all, you probably do), she basically knows everything about the Seattle food scene. And this book is her love letter to the city and food she loves. 

In the book, she shares "the inside scoop on the best places to find, enjoy, and celebrate these culinary treasures. A bounty of mouthwatering delights awaits you in this engagingly written guide, as well as a rich array of other, indispensable food-related information including Favorite restaurants and landmark eateries, Specialty food stores and markets, Food festivals and culinary events, and even recipes from some of Seattle's top chefs."

But for sweet-lovers, I'll give you five good reasons why you should buy this book.

  1. CakeSpy Shop is featured! A self-serving reason, yes. It is featured as a spot for gifts for foodies (although my store does not sell food!). OMG!
  2. There is an entire section dedicated to the city's best baked goods. Really, this reason alone would probably be enough to make the book worth buying, but please, see reason #1.
  3. You might just learn about a new specialty shop. I know I did! For instance, although I had vaguely heard of Punjab Sweets in Kent before, Keren's detailed listing of this confectionery shop has now made it a high priority on my to-do list!
  4. There's a section on sweets on the Eastside too. As an urbanite who often "doesn't go over there", it was nice to have a short-list of some of the best for when I do venture over the water.
  5. There are recipes from local chefs. For drinks, main courses (from the likes of one of my foodie heroes Kurt Dammeier)...but also desserts. One I can't wait to try? The Chocolate Ganache Cakes recipe from local celebrity chef Maria Hines. 

And if these reasons haven't enticed you to buy my friend's book, then I am not sure we can be friends anymore. Buy it here. Keep up with Keren via her website, franticfoodie.com.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

 Image: Picky Palate (Link for cinnamon roll sugar cookies below)Is this weekend gonna be totally sweet? IT ALREADY IS:

Mac Attack! Mesdames des Macarons make sweet sandwich cookie treats.

Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies: I can roll with that, yo.

Pie subscription service? It's happening, in San Francisco.

Nobody wants moldy cake, but lots of people want cake molds. Find good ones here!

My kind of jamboree! Blueberry Jamboree Pie.

Cupcake Shots? Liquor infused cupcake shots at Polkadot Cupcake Shop are intoxicating. (Thanks, Chrissy!)

Maine Event: A recipe for Maine Wild blueberry muffins.

Best barbs: Strawberry Rhubarb Mint Ginger jam from Coconut & Lime.

Pop it! An article about the inimitable cake pop.

Sweet! CakeSpy does a guest post on Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Go bananas! Banana whip, a specialty I never even knew about.

Feeling zen: CakeSpy has a bakery crush on Zen Baking Co., TX.

And. In case you missed it. Chocolate covered cheetos!

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