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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Freaking look at this cake.

Sweet! Here I am on video. Love me.

Putting the "fun" in food: Funfetti blondies.

Baking business I want to get to know: Big Sugars (thanks Terry for the tip!)

Get in my belly: hi-hat cupcakes!

Heaven and hell cake: I want it.

It's not a dessert, but how sweet: Tiffany and Co Cocktail!

Simple and sweet: Essie's Cookies.

So you wanna be a gallerist? Here's your chance in Seattle!

Buy me these: unicorn sugar cookies!

Do you own my book yet?

I love the idea of cotton candy as "tasty clouds".

Yum: birthday cake cheesecake.

Don't forget to enter this giveaway--you could win CakeSpy socks!


Sweet Links: 4th of July Awesomeness

Source: cakespy.com via Stacy on Pinterest


Stuff your face with something awesome this Fourth of July!

Explosively delicious: Pop Rocks cookies!

Any of these foods that look like summer foods!

American flag cake!

4th of July chocolate covered strawberries!

America the Sweet: Hartford Election Day Cake from United Cakes of America.

Totally sweet trompe l'oeil: hot dog and hamburger style!

Why can't I be eating it right now: pop rocks pound cake!

Grilled Poundcake!

Firecracker cupcakes!

Salty sweet: pretzel Americana.

Seeing red isn't so bad, when it's Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake.

Got extra cake? No worries, cool it down in Cake Shake form!

My American Flag cake on Serious Eats!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

My unicorn and macarons

Sweet: unicorn by Vintage by Crystal; macarons by Mesdames des Macarons.

Cookies get political.

Buy sweet socks with cupcakes, unicorns, and robots!

Whoopie! Delicious chocolate whoopie pies!

Make me this: raspberry poke cake.

Sweetly refreshing: amaretti cookie parfait.

ALWAYS refreshing: red velvet cake shake.

Yummy: grilled poundcake!

I love this: Rainbow Krispy Cake!

I'm absolutely Bolu Kuku for cake!

What's the dairy difference? Milk, half n half, cream of various types.

Bakery I wanna visit: Bang Bang Pies, Chicago.

Tasty: cardamom milk pudding.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


You are face-meltingly awesome.

Yum: an ice cream cupcake contest.

Pop! Goes the culture. In cake form.

Butterscotch pecan cookies...yes, you know you want this business.

Bakery I wanna visit: Lucky's.

Kind of fascinated by...Cakevase!

Love this kind of thing: Milwaukee Bakery Memories!

Freaking out about the adorableness of these mini funnel cakes.

That reminds me of the time my friend Sandy took me to all these bakeries in Milwaukee.

Milky Ways not welcome: NASA had a bake sale put on by scientists!

Bakery I wanna visit: Brown Betty Dessert Boutique.

No-bake strawberry icebox cake.

An apple a day...is awesomer when stuffed with ice cream.

Don't forget: buy my book!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Save me! Butter Saver, a sweet product idea!

Sweet fancy! 20 summery strawberry recipes from The Kitchn.

My kind of worship: Church of Cupcakes

I spy pie! Put your treats on this sweet little tray.

A book that I love, and think you will, too: Apple Pie by John T. Edge

Fascinating: sausage cake!

Gigantic doughnut pool float: yes, I need it. (thanks, Bake it in a Cake!)

I hope you didn't miss SpyMom's blueberry pie recipe.

Conchords and Cupcakes? Um, kind of freaking out.

I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of a chocolate quinoa cake.

Cupcake cream pie!

Mmmm...pop-tarts ice cream sandwiches!

You Need this Magical Thing: Uni-corn holders!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Look at these sweet Jell-o cookies!

An egg-cellent chance to win some dough. Enter your favorite sweet (or savory) in Eggland's "Your Best Recipe" contest!

Sweet tourism: the top 5 bakeries in Jerusalem.

Smooth things over: icing smoother. 

I want a pretzel cookie from Sigmund Pretzel. 

Magical princess cupcakes!

5 Things that Ought to Be Put in Mainstream Ice Cream.

Mac Attack! Delicious Macarons as discovered by The Nibble.

Now open in Seattle: Crumble & Flake Patisserie!

Cherries Jubilee is made with kirsch. What is kirsch?

Speaking of Cherries Jubilee...Cherries Jubilee Ice Cream Pie!

What happened at the candy show in Chicago?

I need everything in this store, in my home.

Don't perdu this pain: delicious French Toast. 

I want to eat it: Key Lime Pie Cake.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Philadelphia bakeries and sweet shops to receive landmark status.

Don't be blue: cornmeal blueberry cookie bars!

Coconuts for this: Coconut Cream Cake.

"Naked Ladies" - no, it's a recipe.

I dream of pizza...stuffed with Pumpple.

Butter makes it better: Butter cake!

More butter cake!

Petrossian is totally sweet: look at this stuff.

Baked goods: totally going Ombre.

Store I wanna visit: The Head Nut (thanks, Angela!)

OMG: A pretzel bakery that offers caramel mustard.

Get in my belly: strawberry pancakes!

Sweet: CakeSpy Shop featured in Seattle Met!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Not flowers! Actually cookies!

Peanut butter chocolate shortbread.

It exists, and it's a dessert: calf's foot jelly.

A fantastic interview...with ME!

I want to eat: Talenti gelati.

I also want to eat: Strawberry Dessert Pizza.

Whoopie! Beautiful fusion in this carrot cake whoopie pie recipe.

Cookiegate: a political cookie scandal.

Um, yum: caramel crunch bars!

For when just a little is enough: a 1/4 springform cake pan!

OMG: look at all this rainbow stuff, including the most amazing rainbow cake.

Sweet: how to make a cupcake pincushion.

Can't wait to see my friend Jess Thomson's book on the Pike Place Market.

Sweet: Funfetti pancakes!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Blondie-Topped Brownies

Today's theme: Brownies.

Tasty brownies from the rumored birthplace of the brownie: Chicago's Palmer House.

Possibly the best: the Baked Brownie.

Another good (different) brownie: Fat Witch Brownies.

Blondies? Brownies? Why decide? Blondie-topped brownies (pictured top)

Going blonde for a moment, here's an ode to the blondie.

And here's a recipe for blondies.

Like a crispie rather thank crisp edge? Try Frau Brownies.

POP! Goes the brownie.

Want to spice up your life? Ancho Pine Nut Brownies.

Brownie pie! Yesyesyesyesyes.

Brownie S'more pie: repeat yes-ing.

Have you ever eaten a brownie on a stick?

That's just nuts: nutella brownies!

Part brownie, part cookie, all delicious!

Another early brownie recipe: Lowney's brownies!

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