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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Of big help if you ever need to pair skittles with wine.

S'mores Waffle Sandwich. Good gravy!

Yum: ice cream pretzel cake!

Strawberry Pretzel salad: fascinating.

STOP! Cannoli thief!

Santa Cruz: the homemade ice cream capitol of the world?

While googling "who invented Nilla wafers?" I came across this interesting thread regarding the history of wafers.

Um. Regarding Ombre...

Peanut butter pretzel bars make me want to do a happy dance.

Speaking of sweet and salty, these salted peanut crisps are still a fave. (pictured top)

Very delicious: avocado cake. Try it!

Icing? Frosting? Glaze? What's the dif?

Tokyo, Japan's Dreamiest Desserts.

If you like delightful dessert comics (who doesn't?), visit City Sweet Tooth!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Lovely and amazing: a rainbow of cake.

End of summer snack cakes: Zucchini cakes.

Bakery I wanna visit: Panaderia Ortiz, Peoria.

The science and magic of mighty meringue.

I want to eat a brownie in Beverly Hills, please. 

Chocolate saltine almond ball, anyone?

Love it: bakery-scented candles!

Caramel! Apple! Coffeecake! Yum. 

Simple but sweet: a delicious poundcake recipe.

Even better: peanut butter and jelly between slices of fried poundcake. YES!

Peanut butter me up: peanut butter coconut macaroons.

Germany, via North Jersey.

Another bakery I wanna visit: Magpie Artisan Bakery, Philadelphia


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

When Snacks get snarky

Rosemary Shortbread - yum!

A totally sweet back to school cupcake tutorial! 

Things I love and think you should, too: Alfajores.

Mellow with mallow: Marshmallow creme cocktails!

New food trend: savory cookies. Wha?

Tasty: Elvis's banana pudding.

YUM: Zebra cake!

I so badly need to visit: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

Awesome and gross at times: 15 weird lollipops.

Also weird, but delicious: Kix Cookies.

About thyme: Strawberry thyme lemon bars. 

I actually found this interesting: cooking with cannabis.

SURPRISE: chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies look classic and delightful.

A batch of sweet new bakeries is baking up a storm in Atlanta!

In Philadelphia - sweets with heart.

A fantastically inspiring and appetite-inducing guide to some tasty Portland baked goods.

Sweet: I am part of this art show. Good art, good cause!


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Baked good of the day: S'mores banana bread. YUM.

Definitely want in my life: Pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars.

Beer and cupcakes: better together?

Beer and cupcakes: better together. 

Beautiful story, beautiful cake.

Science of candy: what is sugar?

Strawberry ice cream. Simple and sweet.

Bakery I wanna visit: Epicurean (thanks, Charlotte!)

How to maintain mojo with cooking: appropriate for baking inspiration, too!

Hope you didn't miss it: Cakewalk in Richmond.

I would not mind living in an all chocolate kitchen.

On my mind, since my birthday is on Sunday: Birthday Cake French Toast. 


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

Source: cakespy.com via Cake on Pinterest


Ding Dong, man!

Important reading for summer eating: a guide to popsicle melt times.

OMG: Bubblegum oil exists?

Romantic: Love letter to Dunkin Donuts' Vanilla Kreme Donut.

Deliciously sweet: mint chocolate chip whoopie pies.

Snickerdoodle bars?! YES.

Please, ignore your oven dial.

Happy food: sprinkle cookies!

Strawberry Blondie Ice Cream sandwiches. STUFF YOUR FACE WITH THEM!

What is a "crumb coat"? Find out here.

Still obsessed: cookie unicorns!

Please, feed me thousand layer cake.

Bakery I wanna visit: Riding Hood Bakery.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


OMG: Tie Dye cupcakes!

Strawberry. Cheesecake. Milkshake.

Brown Butter Funfetti Cookies!! Hooray!

Chocolate chip softies: like chocolate chip cookies meet poundcake.

OMG: Ice Cream Monkey Bread.

Absolutely classic: Nanaimo bars.

Frozen Brandy Alexander Pie. YUM! (thanks, Jeff!)

Red Currant Trifle: Looks cooling and tasty.

Accidental vegan: store-bought treats that don't contain animal products.

Minty Icebox Pie. 

Who invented S'mores?

Bakery I wanna visit: Ovenly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Glaze? Frosting? Icing? What's the dif?


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


I need to eat this thing.

One of my favorite things in the world to eat: Seven Layer Bars.

Delicious: brownstone front cake.

Love how you love me, Baking Style Diary!

Delicious: homemade Do-si-dos.

Destination-worthy: Hoffman's Ice Cream in New Jersey.

5 Ingredient Chocolate Cake.

Awesome: Golden Girls Cupcakes print.

Wait. What? Dessert quesadillas!?

Mmm: Lava cookies.

Caramel eggnog: I need a little Christmas, right this very minute!

Bakery I truly wanna visit: Paradox Pastry.

Another bakery I wanna visit: Omaha Cheesecake Bakery.

Golly: buy my book.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Isn't this just the prettiest cake you've ever seen?

Holy Cow Cake: kind of trashy, but in a "I'm gonna finish the entire thing" sort of way.

Sweet and lovely cookies I wanna eat.

Bakery I wanna visit: Prairie Girl Bakery, Toronto.

Sweet: looks like a customer I did a painting for likes it!

An oldie but goodie: sweet sandwiches!

How to make a magical unicorn cupcake topper. With video!

Strawberry shortcake cupcakes. Yes, yes, yes!

Yum: chocolate chip cookie dough scones!

A delicious look at the history of the eclair.

I'm rather fond of these doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

Another bakery I wanna visit: Marcolini! In Brazil! (thanks for the suggestion Isabella!)

Penguin! Waffle! Maker!

Inspiring: how the founder of Tate's Bake Shop lost it all and then bounced back. (thanks Kristin for the lead)


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Rainbow Doughnuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet! I was featured in this article in BYU Magazine.

Apple pie doughnuts with maple glaze...om nom nom.

Oreo etiquette!

Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies...get in my mouth!

Just Dough it! Homemade Jelly Doughnuts.

Chewy m&m cookies, yes please!

A dress made of Gummi-bears? Whaaa? (thanks, Bethany!)

OMG...these are MINIATURES!

Bakery I wanna visit: SIFT in Napa and SF!

Win big: OREO is having a great contest right now; make a video of what you'd do as an AmbassadOREO, and you could win sweet prizes!

Act crazy, get a snack from a machine. Pretty much the best thing ever. (thanks, Alex!)

Understanding flour. Fascinating!

Help an Arizona baker make her dreams come true...

Do you follow me on Facebook? Um, you should.


Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Freaking look at this cake.

Sweet! Here I am on video. Love me.

Putting the "fun" in food: Funfetti blondies.

Baking business I want to get to know: Big Sugars (thanks Terry for the tip!)

Get in my belly: hi-hat cupcakes!

Heaven and hell cake: I want it.

It's not a dessert, but how sweet: Tiffany and Co Cocktail!

Simple and sweet: Essie's Cookies.

So you wanna be a gallerist? Here's your chance in Seattle!

Buy me these: unicorn sugar cookies!

Do you own my book yet?

I love the idea of cotton candy as "tasty clouds".

Yum: birthday cake cheesecake.

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