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Cold and Sweet: Custard from Culver's, Home of the ButterBurger

Culver's custard

If you live in the Midwest United States, you are probably aware of a chain called Culver's, where they have two main specialties: something called the ButterBurger, and frozen custard.

Here's a ButterBurger. It's served on a buttered bun. Oh yeah.

Now, I was already halfway in love with them based on this stellar roster of menu items, but the deal was completely sealed when I tasted their custard.

I opted for the caramel-cashew sundae, which was prepared to order, and was--I'll just say it--way better than I thought the custard would taste at a chain restaurant. Cold, creamy, and clearly fresh, the custard itself was a solid base for the buttery caramel and crunchy cashews. The sweet, slightly salty toppings atop the rich custard made for an extremely addictive combination--this sundae made me wish the ice cream weekend could be longer.

Culver's custard

I wouldn't necessarily say this custard would rival that of some of the custardists I've come to know and love in different parts of the country such as Kopp's, Old School Custard in Seattle, or Scooters in Chicago, but as an on-the-road choice, Culver's would definitely be my pick for a sweet treat.

Culver's custard

Culver's, multiple locations throughout the US (mostly in the midwest); online here.


Whoopie Pie Frozen Custard from Old School Frozen Custard, Seattle

Three guesses as to what was the most decadently delicious thing I tasted this week.

That's right: Whoopie Pie Frozen Custard. 

This bit of sweet manna was the special flavor of the day on Thursday, September 30th at Old School Frozen Custard in Capitol Hill. Now, if you don't know much about Old School, then let me learn you a bit about their M.O.: they generally have only three flavors available daily--vanilla, chocolate, and a special flavor of the day. Naturally, Audrey (who is also the one who inspired these cupcakes) and I had to walk over to sample this one.

So what exactly is Whoopie Pie frozen custard? Well, according to Old School's site, it's comprised of "Our Chocolate Cake Batter frozen custard with a delicious butter cream varigate folded into it".

But really, this description doesn't tell you much about the exquisite joy of eating it. While eating it, the first flavor that hits is chocolate--but then something happens. A slightly tangy, rich-sweet undertone to the taste--that's the cake batter. And then--little nubbins of vanilla buttercream swirled throughout--something that isn't really necessary, but sure is nice. 

While had I been given this custard blindly and asked what flavor it was, I might not instantly guess "whoopie pie", but I certainly would have finished it and licked the bowl. Yes, indeed.

The final word? A fine flavor of the day. Bring it back soon!

Old School Frozen Custard has locations in Seattle and Bonney Lake; visit their site for details.

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