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Just Donut: Apple Cider Donuts by Delicious Orchards

What is Fall? More than just dates on the calendar, it's a season of colors, flavors and sensations. Fiery-colored leaves, the taste of hot apple cider, piles of leaves that all but ask to be jumped upon. Blustery days that make your body and soul cry out for sweet, cakey treats.

And what could be a better marriage of seasonal flavors and comforting cake than apple cider donuts?
Happily, Delicious Orchards of Colts Neck, New Jersey, offers these wonderful fall treats online. The orchard and gourmet market, based in Central New Jersey, serves as proof of why it's called the "Garden State" with their beautiful and seasonal selection of gourmet foods and baked goods. These donuts are the stuff of dreams: beautifully spiced and thick, they're perfect with hot coffee or apple cider; we love how they taste after having been heated in the toaster oven for a minute. They come in two variations: plain apple cider, and powdered sugar coated apple cider.

They'll leave you full of happiness--and energy for diving into your neighbors' leaf piles (and running away after).

Available online at deliciousorchardsnjonline.com.


Honey Pie: the Desserts of Vegan Honey

For some reason, the phrase "Whoopie Pie" really, truly bothers us. Not the dessert, mind you; just the name. Cakespy notes that a different name might make them less mortifying to order, out loud, in a bakery. Just to throw out a few ideas: frosting sandwiches, happycakes, sweetburgers, cakewiches, cream cuties, twin quasars of pleasure.

Nonetheless, the photo and description were so alluring on Vegan Honey's Peter Pumpkin Whoopie Pies that we had to give them a try. Now, there were risks involved--even name aside, these were also vegan (and with our non-vegan tasting crew, we weren't sure how they'd go over). After arriving yesterday via express mail from Brooklyn, the pies were a bit soft from their long trip to Seattle, but were revived by a brief stint in the freezer. And the verdict? We were converts after the first bite. Creamy, sweet (but not cloying) and expertly spiced, these confections are nearly perfect, and the word "vegan" never even entered our mind--in fact, one of our unknowing testers never even noticed! Ideal with warm soy milk or tea, these are a wonderful, cakey autumn treat. Although we haven't sampled anything else, we're feeling very good about Vegan Honey; we're especially intrigued by the brand-new "Faux-stess" Hostess inspired vegan treats.

Cakespy note: One more reason to feel good: a percentage of Vegan Honey's sales go toward animal advocacy, environmental and social justice organizations!

Available online at veganhoney.etsy.com or by calling 718-928-8495.


Do You Believe in Magid?: Cakes by Sarah Magid

They say that one thing leads to another. Never has this been more true than in the case of Sarah Magid: after inheriting a serious sweet tooth from kitchen savvy mom and Grandma growing up in So-Cal, she moves to NYC to study Art History; fashion beckons and she becomes a shoe designer, which segues into jewelry design; somewhere in all of this she realizes that the demand for the home-baked goods she brings to fashionable affairs were just as great as the demand for her jewelry designs; the baking business takes off, and now there are plans in the works for a bakery to open in 2008 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

And we haven't even mentioned the actual cakes yet.

These cakes are the epitome of urban cool: not too perfect and not too cute, they're nonetheless unmistakably hip. Oh, and they're made with the finest organic ingredients-- so you can count on your cake tasting as good as it looks.

Unfortunately for much of the nation, delivery and orders for custom wedding, birthday and other occasion cakes are only available for the NYC area at the moment. But we're going to keep our eyes on this one--we see many more great things ahead for Sarah Magid.

To order or inquire about cakes, visit sarahmagid.com

(Photo credit goes with thanks to Sarah Magid)

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