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Baked Good of the Day: Rustic Apricot Galette


Baked Good of the Day: Monster Magic Cookie Bars


Dudes, dudettes, when I saw this on Pinterest, I knew it was the Baked Good of the Day. Combining Magic Cookie bars with Monster Cookies, this is basically an amalgamation of awesome, a get-fat treat that will make you feel so good while doing it. Hey, everyone deserves a treat that tastes like a big smile sometimes!

Find the recipe at Something Swanky.


Baked Good of the Day: Cereal Killer Sundae, Minnesota State Fair

Photo: MN State FairWhat is it? Soft ice cream that tastes just like the milk left at the bottom of your breakfast cereal bowl. Featuring two flavors — one sweet and chocolatey and one honey and nutty. It’s served in a bowl with a little milk creeping up the sides and topped with dry cereal. Two fruit toppings available: banana caramel and strawberry balsamic.

Find it at Blue Moon Dine-In Theater located on the corner of Chambers St. and Carnes Ave. For all the new foods available at the Minnesotat State Fair, visit this website.


Baked Good of the Day: Ice Cream Monkey Bread

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