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Seeking Sweetness: Daily Image, Cupcakes At Tiffany's

Cupcakes at Tiffany's!

CakeSpy Note: For no particular reason, other than to sweeten your day, I post a feel-good image here every now and again. Today's pick: a recent image I painted, Cupcakes at Tiffany's! I am currently creating prints to sell in my online shop.


Sweet Art: Unicorn Eating a Banana, Robot Eating Banana Cream Pie

Some pictures are worth a thousand words.  This one, however, is worth about a zillion rainbow-beams of happiness. It depicts a unicorn eating a banana, hanging out with a robot eating banana cream pie.

And you too can get in on this awesome: it's available on a mug and as a print online, and will be available at CakeSpy Shop (the retail location) on October 15. 


Cake Byte: CakeSpy Art Featured on the Bon Appetit Website!

How sweet is this, buddies? My artwork is totally featured on the Bon Appetit website today, in addition to a plethora of thought-provoking food links. Naturally, my illustration of hipster cupcakes in front of a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, watering hole was perfect as a header.

Find the feature here.

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