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We can't all be t-shirt designers.

Wait...YES WE CAN!

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But I digress. Down to tacks. HOW DO YOU WIN ONE?

It's so easy. All you have to do is this:

1. Respond to this post by commenting (don't panic if it does not show up right away. I have comment moderation enabled and I will get to it!) on this post. In that comment, riddle me this important question: what is your MOST EMBARRASSING DESSERT MOMENT? Ooh, I can't wait to judge you--I mean, carefully view your responses.

This giveaway will close one week from today, on Monday, September 24th; I'll announce the winners shortly after!

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Reader Comments (42)

A good friend of mine was hosting a tuperware party and I offered to bake something for it. They, knowing I was an avid baker, agreed and thus I went home in search of the perfect recipe. Now i wanted to impress them and their guests with an elaborate recipe, not just the boring old chocolate chip cookies. I went with a lemon powder cookie that looked divine. Let's just be honest here: they weren't.They were gross. I knew it. They knew it. They were just too nice to say so. Should've stuck with those chocolate chippers.
September 18 | Unregistered CommenterAvery G.
When I was 18, I was asked to bring a dessert to a university group pot luck. Instead of buying something because I had no money, I decided to raid my mom's cupboards and make chocolate mousse. I measured and stirred and slaved over it. I came to a part of the recipe with options. One of them was to add coffee. I was not a coffee drinker and had never considered what happened to make coffee edible but I loved the smell and all things coffee-flavored. I took out my mom's can of Folgers (1982), measured the grounds and poured them into my already amazing mousse. As you can guess, the recipe meant to add brewed coffee. I ruined the chocolate mousse. There was no way to save it! I showed up empty handed to the pot luck with my sad story. I'm pretty sure no one believed me.
September 18 | Unregistered CommenterTracy Zitnik
I got a bag of M&Ms in various colors of green, thinking they were regular milk chocolate but dyed green for Christmas...but it turns out they were mint! Not realizing that, I used them in a cake with cherry pie filling swirled throughout, going for a red-and-green theme. Mint and cherries? GROSS!
September 19 | Unregistered CommenterCaley
Oh gosh, my most embarrassing dessert moment is when I was offered a vegan cupcake. Now, I have had them before. Philadelphia has put in a huge effort to accommodate vegans and I think that's awesome but I was offered a vegan cupcake from a fellow classmate at the Hussian School of Art. I've heard people go on and on about how awesome said friends cupcakes were so when offered, I gladly jumped for one. My mistake. After chewing the first bite for about a half a second, I spit it out right in front of her! I didn't mean to but it was so gross! There we're chunks of tofu and the cake was mushy. I felt bad for doing it because I'm really nice but I felt like I was set up! Haha!
September 19 | Unregistered CommenterJoy Mitchell
My most embarrassing dessert moment was when I was making strawberry shortcakes (for the first time) for my date. He came over and I was cooking dinner and making dessert. I was so distracted by him that I put the ramekins in the oven quickly. Then, I noticed they were not rising at all. Panicking ensues and I begin going over the ingredients in the recipe. I realized that I did not add the flour!! So, I have to get the individual ramekins out of the oven, and I have a decision to make. Do I admit what I did and start over or try to salvage it? He was busy watching a basketball game, but in my apt. the t.v. faces the kitchen. So, I very discreetly begin scraping the hot liquid mix into a bowl and then add the flour. I was sure it would be a disaster. However, in a kitchen miracle the shortcakes rose perfectly and tasted great. He never knew. And now the recipe lasted longer than the date! Here's to recipes that stand the test of time.
September 19 | Unregistered CommenterMegan
When my husband and I were still dating, I went over to his apartment while he was at work to surprise him by cleaning his kitchen (it was gross!) and baking a cake. I spent a really long time cleaning, and then baking and frosting the cake so it looked perfect. When he came home, I picked up the cake and turned to show him this great surprise, and the cake flipped off the plate and landed top-down on the (still gross) floor. I cried. And I never cry!
He still ate some of the cake, though -- the part that didn't make contact with the ground. But he'll never let me forget that!
I tried making watermelon cookies with my daughter and niece so they could sell them at their lemonade stand during a garage sale. The recipe called for watermelon flavored Jell-o instead of sugar. Let me just say that watermelon flavored cookies taste AWFUL!

Luckily in a pinch I had some refrigerator chocolate chip cookies to make instead. We gave the watermelon cookies away for free. lol
My most embarrassing moment was making croissants. I had never made them before and thought it would be like making bread. Well, after my attempt of proofing, and baking, they came out like little crispy rocks. They were supposed to be for an Easter lunch with my family.
September 19 | Unregistered CommenterEvangeline
I made chocolate turtles and when my 3 year old nephew came over to visit I offered him one. He took one bite and said, "Oh Auntie Lovey, teese are so good, what are they?" When I told him chocolate turtles he quickly spit it out, started crying and ran to his Daddy.
September 19 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah
I had made 6 key lime pies, and was delivering them to a restaurant i bake for. I was driving a Honda civic so they were everywhere in the car. A guy ran a stop sign, i jammed on the brakes and at the same time tried to stop 2 of the pies from sliding off the front seat.'my hand went into one of them. Of course i had nothing to wipe it up with and was also minus a pie. I raised
Hand up to yell at the guy covered in key lime. His face!!!! The best!
September 19 | Unregistered CommenterSue mccarthy
My most embarrassing dessert moment was when I was really young, probably in elementary school. I took it upon myself to make French toast for my older brothers and unknowingly dumped cornstarch all over it instead of powdered sugar. It tasted horrible!
September 20 | Unregistered CommenterKay
I thought I followed recipes so carefully! In my early cupcake days, like January, I was attempting to make a mint brownie cupcake. So I melted what I thought were mint chocolate chips with the butter for the brownie part. It was bright green and curdled and nasty. This should have been my first clue. Instead I just went with it and put it in the oven. 24 minutes later I found my husband taking a picuture of the open oven. That's when I knew it was bad! Green goo had exploded and was burnt EVERYWHERE! I had to soak my pans all day! Luckily I had time for a re-do before the actual event... And that is how I learned the difference between MINT chips and mint CHOCOLATE chips!
September 20 | Unregistered CommenterChristina
Well, I was about 10th years old and asked my mom for one of those sets of Wilton tips so I could make myself a super fancy chocolate cake for my bIrthday, somehow I thought that once you have the right tools you would be a pro! The cake was a mess, chocolate cake crumbs mixed into the chocolate frosting, frostIng was way too thIck and the cake cracked down the mIddle, and when the time came to decorate I was already bored and fed up with it, I just used the big round tip to make blobs with the rest of the chocolate frosting. My cake looked like it had a bunch of piles of poo! I've now been a professional pastry chef/decorator for8 years. I'm glad I learned early that brown frosting a round tips are rarely a good idea!
September 20 | Unregistered Commentersarah joyce
I once made a lovely vanilla cake with salt instead of sugar. It smelled delicious, but taste left a lot to be desired. However, it wasn't wasted and we had lots of fun feeding it to unexepecting coworkers!
September 20 | Unregistered CommenterKT
My story is a bit different...it involves a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Back when my now-husband and I had just met and were getting to know each other, he used to come watch me play softball. After a game one night we went to DQ for Blizzards. Being the silly one I am I thought it'd be funny to do the Blizzard flip (where they tip it over to show you how thick it is) after we headed outside and sat on his tailgate to enjoy our Blizzards. Except in the time it took to walk out there, it must have warmed up just enough because it slid right out of the cup when I flipped it over. Luckily it landed on my softball pants. My hubby says he knew I was the one for him when I just laughed and scraped the Blizzard off my pants and back into the cup and kept eating it :-) Hey, I wasn't about to waste a perfectly delicious M&M Blizzard!
September 20 | Unregistered CommenterAmy J
That would have to be the time I made dinner for my date in college, and for dessert I thought it would be fun to make chocolate haystack cookies together. Easy, right? Yep, easy, unless you are paying more attention to each other than to what you're doing and absentmindedly leave the plastic packaging on the stove next to the burner. The smoke alarm probably woke small children in China and the flames were oh, only a foot high. He was the hero and put it out immediately, and we opted for ice cream for dessert instead. :)
September 22 | Unregistered Commenternik
Once I was baking for company (special company - people I really admired) and I used granulated sugar instead of confectioner's sugar in chocolate frosting I was making. It was so cringeworthy :(
September 22 | Unregistered CommenterKaren White
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