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Birthday Magic With Nestle Toll House Birthday Sugar Cookies

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

From August 26 to September 14, something very special happens in the Spy family.

August 26 is my birthday; September 14 is the birthday of both my sister, SpySis, and her son, SpyNephew. 

So usually somewhere in between these dates we enjoy some delicious carbohydrates together under the name "Birthday Party". 

And this year, I was appointed a DailyBuzz Food Tastemaker as part of a program with Nestlé® Toll House®. They asked me to include some of their Birthday Sugar Cookies in my kids' birthday celebration. They're asking that I pause to post this...

This post is brought to you by Nestle Toll House Birthday Sugar Cookies. Bake some birthday love.

Thanks, Nestle! But let me continue. Of the three of us, only one was a kid, but ALL of us know how to party like kids. So I was open to allowing these cookies to increase our magic. Could they? Why not read about the evening and see? Here's how it went down.

11:00 a.m. I try to find the cookies at the Food Town by our house for later in the evening. No luck. Eh, I will try another grocery store later.

4:00 p.m. My mom and I go to Wegman's and try to find the cookies. No dice! I am starting to get worried.

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

4:25 p.m. Me and SpyMom find the cookies at the local Shop Rite. Score!

4:47 p.m. I preheat the oven to 350 degrees. I unwrap the cookies. Cute!

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

4:55 p.m. I hear my newphew and my dad playing in the backyard. I take advantage of their geographic disadvantage and whip out the cookies. Yeah!

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

4:57 p.m: The cookie sheet is loaded up. That was fast! I wonder...what should I do with that excess cookie dough around the images?

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

4.58 p.m. No one is around. I know what I will do with that dough.

5:00 p.m. Kidding! Unbaked dough is dangerous. I would *never* do that. I shaped it into letters. PARTY!

5:02 p.m. Oven is preheated - I popped 'em in the oven. 

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

5:11 p.m. Cookies are out. Oh, how can I wait for them to cool? I take a walk around the house, check my Words with Friends, look at Facebook. Think about cookies. 

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

5:22 p.m. I sneak one. SpyMom caught me!

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

5:45 p.m. SpyGrandma arrives and tries one. "Yum" she declares. 

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

5:46 p.m. SpyNephew wants a cookie. He is told "not yet".

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

5:47-5:51 p.m. I amuse myself by positioning a cookie to look like a party hat perched on my pug, Porkchop.


5:55 p.m. Dinner is served: Spaghetti and meatballs, SpyNephew's favorite!

5:56 p.m. SpySis, the other birthday girl, arrives on the scene. We have a present for her! And a cookie!

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

5:58 p.m. SpySis eats a cookie. Look, fun!

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

6:30 p.m. The rest of the family falls upon the cookies! We share them and some cake. We like cake and cookies.

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

6:31 p.m. At long last, SpyNephew gets his cookie. Happy Boy.

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

6:31 - 6:45 p.m. Presents!! And more cookies.

Cookie Party - Nestle Cookies

So, after a day in which many thoughts revolved around these Birthday Sugar Cookies, I have to say that indeed, they did make our day more special. The cookies themselves, with their images and their cutout quality, are fun--kids will enjoy helping. They're tasty, too: I for one have a definite soft spot for these "pop and bake" style refrigerated doughs. But the idea that they can be shared with family and friends on a very special day--well, that makes them great. 

Happy birthday to US!

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Reader Comments (2)

Spysis and cake spy are beautiful!
September 14 | Unregistered Commentermoi
The picture of the dog with the hat is so cute and funny!
September 15 | Unregistered CommenterJasilyn

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