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Chocolate Covered Cake on a Stick

Cake is good, but it can be great—all you have to do is put it on a stick and cover it in chocolate. I formulated this theory following my first taste of "The Swingle", a slice of chocolate covered Key Lime pie on a stick, made by Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies. I found myself wondering, what dessert wouldn't taste great covered in chocolate and put on a stick?

Instead of coming up with an answer (because really, that was a rhetorical question) why not set up a double boiler and set yourself to melting some chocolate? Since I was feeling fancy, I used slices of Dobos Torte, but really, any type of cake would work. See for yourself how enrobing a cake slice in chocolate brings it to indulgent new heights, and yet how eating it off of a stick somehow keeps the experience playful.

For the full entry and recipe, visit Serious Eats!

Reader Comments (4)

I believe that chocolate covered cake on a stick could seriously change my life.

For the better.
August 20 | Unregistered Commentermovita beaucoup
Hubba, hubba.
You really must try the chocolate covered cheesecake truffles...on a stick...from The Confectional on Capitol HIll or at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Key lime! Heavenly.
August 20 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca
OMG! What a delicious treat!

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