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CakeSpy Undercover: Lucille's Bakery, Richmond VA

Lucille's bakery, richmond VA

I want to tell you about a supremely enjoyable bakery experience I had in Richmond, VA, at a place called Lucille's Bakery.

Things started off in a good way when we learned that the employee working the counter when we went was originally from the tri-state area (just like me!). We bonded over NY pizza talk. 

And things got even better when we started talking cake. 

Lucille's is a full service bakery, with pastries and fancy tarts, a selection of homey treats such as cookies, brownies, and bars, and breads. 

We set ourselves to trying a variety of the goods. 

Lucille's bakery, richmond VA

First, the cupcake. This had to be devoured immediately, because I was worried about the frosting getting mashed. That would have broken my heart, so I ate it right away. The cake was good, but the frosting was great. It was rich with chocolate flavor, smooth, and extremely satisfying. 

I also got one of their house-made Granola Bars, which was really more like a Mazurka bar, in a good way. A nice, chewy, cookielike bar. I want another one right now.

Lucille's bakery, richmond VA

 I didn't get any of the tarts because I was traveling and I didn't think they would travel well...but aren't they pretty?

Macaroon from Lucille's in Richmond

The chocolate covered macaroon was a true fatty of a cookie patty--and I mean that in a complimentary way. While I love the look of chocolate dipped macaroons that are half-covered, half-exposed, tastewise, it's clear which side is more delicious. So I was very happy to see that this cookie had an all-over coating. And the taste was surprisingly sophisticated for this homespun sweet, not overly sweet.

Lucille's is a fantastic sweet shop in Richmond--the staff is friendly, the sweets are very good, and the prices are very reasonable. Go there!

Lucille's Bakery, 719 North Meadow Street, Richmond, VA. Find them online here.

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Reader Comments (3)

Oh man I love Lucille's bakery! They have really great sausage biscuits for breakfast, but their Napoleon (or anything with the custard cream really) is to die for!
August 16 | Unregistered CommenterTrista
It's on my list to try the next time I visit my sister in Virginia!!
August 16 | Unregistered CommenterSusan
I must confess, every time I read your blog I almost UNSUBSCRIBE. I get this food envy and then contemplate the expense of flying to Virgina for example for a flipping cupcake. Seriously, I really do have a love/hate relationship with you and your scrumptious descriptions and pics!!! sigh ;)

-gillian www.seasonsgredings.com
August 16 | Unregistered Commentergillian

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