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Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links


Rainbow Doughnuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet! I was featured in this article in BYU Magazine.

Apple pie doughnuts with maple glaze...om nom nom.

Oreo etiquette!

Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies...get in my mouth!

Just Dough it! Homemade Jelly Doughnuts.

Chewy m&m cookies, yes please!

A dress made of Gummi-bears? Whaaa? (thanks, Bethany!)

OMG...these are MINIATURES!

Bakery I wanna visit: SIFT in Napa and SF!

Win big: OREO is having a great contest right now; make a video of what you'd do as an AmbassadOREO, and you could win sweet prizes!

Act crazy, get a snack from a machine. Pretty much the best thing ever. (thanks, Alex!)

Understanding flour. Fascinating!

Help an Arizona baker make her dreams come true...

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Reader Comments (2)

I live in Santa Rosa, which has one of the Sift's locations. The other is in Rohnert Park, a mere 15 minute drive away. If you make the trip to this area, I can recommend a few other sweet places that are a must-try!
Screamin' Mimi's ice cream- all home-made, adorable location, extremely popular and extremely delicious
Local bakeries:
Michelle Marie's Patisserie in Sebastopol
Village Bakery, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol locations (I recommend the Santa Rosa one, because I used to work there!)

Cannoli at LaCoco's in Railroad Square, Santa Rosa

For 'real food'...you can almost not go wrong with food in the wine country, but Flavor Bistro downtown (very close to Sift's) is very good.
I'd be happy to give you any more info as well.
July 13 | Unregistered CommenterTiramipursuit
Thank you for including my rainbow doughnuts in your Baker's Dozen!

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