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Sweet Times: Crumble and Flake, Seattle 

Crumble and flake

Well, I already told you about the fact that Crumble & Flake exists in Seattle. But I haven't been able to fully tell you how wonderful it is in person. But recently, my friend Nicole (who blogs at So Suzette and avec whom I went to Paris with) visited and reported on the sweet findings.

Crumble and flake

Nicole, who (and I say this lovingly) is a bit of a pastry snob was absolutely floored, saying "it was awesome. Some of the best pastry ever. We waited 45 min on a Sunday Morning- it was like a Portlandia episode!"

Crumble and flake

Among the highlights? The Hand filled cream puffs, which are made to order. But moreover, reports Nicole, "Everything was buttery and flaky. They sold out of smoked paprika cheese croissants right before us..."

Crumble and flake

well, that just means there's a reason to return! Here's one more of Nicole's delicious photos.

Crumble and flake


Crumble and Flake, 1500 E Olive Way, Seattle, online here; also, more of Nicole's work can be found here.

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