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Cake Byte: Crumble and Flake Now Open in Seattle

Now, it's always cause for celebration when a new bakery opens.

But when that bakery is opened by famed pastry chef Neil Robertson, it's cause for bells, whistles, and a unicorn parade.

This talented and adorable fellow, who has honed his pastry skills at the likes of fancy restaurants such Canlis and Mistral Kitchen, is now operating his own retail space, called (love it) Crumble & Flake

While not all of us might be able to afford the likes of the fancy restaurants which featured his desserts previously, Crumble & Flake offers an affordable taste of this pastry chef's fine work, including croissants, cream puffs, and macarons.

As a TastingTable article puts it,

It’s hard to imagine what territory might be left for Neil Robertson to cover. But after having led the pastry departments of some of Seattle’s best restaurants, he’s renewed his career once again with his first solo venture, a bakery called Crumble & Flake that will open in April. The focus here is classic French pastry, executed with precision and a bit of whimsy. Expect cream puffs filled to order with pastry creams in flavors such as chocolate, goat's milk and bourbon, as well as that current darling of the pastry menu, kouign-amann.

A word for the wise? Do not miss the basics, such as croissants and kouign-amann (which, roughly translated, means "fulla butter and love"). 

Visit Crumble & Flake at 1500 Olive E; online here. 

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Reader Comments (1)

But do they fill their croissants with Nutella? :) Nommmmmm

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