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Seeking Sweetness: Daily Snapshot, Artwork by Christopher Boffoli

CakeSpy Note: if you follow me on facebook or Twitter, you probably know I'm partial to documenting my sweet discoveries and daily goings-on. Here's where I post a daily feel-good photo, for no particular reason other than to showcase these sweet little nothings, in hopes that they'll make you smile.

 My newest obsession? The "Disparity" series by Christopher Boffoli. He is a Seattle artist who "creates miniature representations of everyday scenes using tiny model figures and foodstuffs. Christopher, who has toured his "Disparity" collection in galleries throughout the USA, says: "Coming up with an interesting image is only half the battle - a caption that will make people smile is also a big part of my work." The caption to hte piece above? "Randi and Jeff finally admitted to themselves that they were lost." Read more about the series here.

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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for the post and for the kind words. I wish I had known you were putting something up as I would have provided you with some fresh work. And maybe some fresher quotes too. That "half the battle" quote is so old it's got whiskers. I'm not even sure it is something I really said, as opposed to something that one of the syndication editors made up. Anyway, thanks again.
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