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Regional Sweets: Mom Blakeman's Creamed Pull Candy

Mom Blakeman's

How can I describe Mom Blakeman's Creamed Pull Candy in a way you'll understand?

Well, here goes. First, imagine taffy.

 But not sticky like taffy. Maybe the smoothness of taffy, but with the melty texture of a butter-mint.

...but even more butteriness. Like a dab of buttercream frosting in there, too. But not a fancy meringue buttercream...more like the grocery-store birthday cake frosting that you probably would never admit you like to your foodie friends.

Imagine all of these separate aspects, and now swirl them into a sort of nugget of candy. A deliciously rich nugget of creamy candy. Now you're getting the idea of the magic that is Mom Blakeman's.

Mom Blakeman's

I honestly forget where I first heard about this candy. Maybe my college roommate, who was from Kentucky? Or perhaps one of my awesome friends in KY like Brigitte or Stella? I don't know. But I definitely know how I first tasted it: a reader, Melanie, sent me a tub of the stuff. Related: I like Melanie.

Naturally, I got curious about this sweet treat's pedigree. Founded in 1961, the company was founded by Mom herself--here's what I learned:

The website told me a little more about the candy itself: "The candy is better-known in local community as "cream" or "pull" candy. Creamed Pull Candy is a team effort involving several people to cook, pour it on cold marble, pull, cut, cream, pack and seal the candy. Making creamed pull candy is an art passed from generation to generation."

And then it told me the fascinating story of how the company took off.

 Maxine "Mom" Blakeman started making her creamed pull candy in her home in Lancaster, KY in the 1940's. She had a restaurant on the public square and made her candy available to her patrons. She was known for her generosity. During World War II, she always served any armed service men who came into her restaurant a free meal.

Residents of Lancaster who knew Mom Blakeman still talk of how she always had some candy for any school children who stopped by. After her husband passed away, she sold her large house to a couple on the condition that she could live in and make her candy in the two story garage on the property.

Mom Blakeman's candy was well known throughout central Kentucky. Mom Blakeman was encouraged to market her candy in 1961 by her good friend, Colonel Harlan Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Upon her death in 1970, the business was passed down to a friend who worked with Mom. Changing owners only a few times, the company is family owned and operated with one focus...making great candy.

Sweet! I always love a good backstory with my delicious treat. And this is certainly a sweet one--I can understand why Mom Blakeman's is sought out from far and wide! It's exactly the type of treat you'd really miss if you moved away from a place where it was readily available.

Mom Blakeman's

Of course, happily, in the age of the internet, we can order online and get it delivered to our door. Should you want to do such a thing, hit up the Mom Blakeman's website here. I also found a creamed pull candy recipe here.

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Reader Comments (7)

My Southern West Virginia family has been making this 'pulley' candy for decades - so sweet and creamy, melt in your mouth. It's a Christmas favorite. Glad to see Mom Blakeman has put it on the map!
I have lived in Central Kentucky all of my life, and I never knew the backstory for this candy! It's widely available, sold on the counter at most gas stations and convenience stores. It's a tasty, tasty candy! Creamed pull candy and Blue Monday bars - those are Kentucky classics! Also Derby Pie. And Ale-8-1. Bourbon, fast horses, and beautiful women. :-)
April 11 | Unregistered CommenterJill
I fondly remember this candy from my days at Asbury College (now Asbury University), also in the central Bluegrass area of Kentucky. It is truly heavenly. During my student teaching, my supervising teacher made some to share. Her name was Dorothy McMillian. Thank you for the recipe.
April 11 | Unregistered CommenterEldonna
When I saw the first picture I was thinking to myself that it looked familiar. As I kept reading I realized I had these in Kentucky a few years ago. Yes, hard to describe AND delicious! Here's another Kentucky yummy --> http://www.rebeccaruth.com/ Bourbon Ball Chocolate Candies. Yes, I said bourbon and chocolate in the same breath. I've got no affiliation with them; I just knew you needed to know about them. :) And yes, you can order online. Love that you linked us to a recipe for pull candy! Thanks!
April 13 | Unregistered CommenterAnnette
Love cream candy! My sister makes it every year. I've tried a couple of times but never gotten it exactly right.
April 17 | Unregistered CommenterJoni
Love cream candy! My sister makes it every year. I've tried a couple of times but never gotten it exactly right.
April 17 | Unregistered CommenterJoni
I just made two batche's a couple week's ago. We alway's called it West Virginia, candy. Been around since the depression. A lady in W.VA showed me how to make it in 1994-95. Going to make some tomorrow. Have used red and green coloring in the past. My Mom is from W.Va. and has a couple different recipes.
February 16 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Pioch

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