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Batter Chatter: Interview With Jana of The Dessert Kitchen

Janas Kitchen

You know what's the best? Eating cake, duh. But second-best is learning the back-stories behind the baker. I recently got to know Jana of The Dessert Kitchen a bit better -- why don't you, too? After all, she makes a mean peanut butter chocolate chip cookie sandwich!
The Dessert Kitchen. Who are you and what do you bake? The Dessert Kitchen is a small one woman bakery turning out delicious special orders almost daily. I bake pies, cookies, cakes and tarts. I also make truffles. All special requests are strongly considered.


How long have you been in business? I'm pretty sure I've been in business all my life, but wasn't getting paid. Things really got going in November 2010.


Cadbury on easter: mini eggs or creme eggs? Mini eggs.
You do a "pie a month". Which has been your biggest success? Chocolate buttermilk pie. They went crazy for it!


If you had a pet koala, what would you name it? Dingbat
What dessert do you think is over-rated? Red Velvet cake.  I've never had one that wasn't dry and the taste is just weird.
What's your favorite cookbook? I love cookbooks and several favorites. So much inspiration. To choose just one, I feel I'm cheating on the others, but if I must choose.. I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from the Pie and Pastry Bible right now.


Brunch: do you go sweet or savory? Savory, I have weak spot for eggy, cheesy porky casseroles.


Do you think the cupcake bubble is going to burst, as I have read in some magazines? I don't think so. While cupcakes seem to be a fad,It's the # 1 request I get. They are portable, versatile and cake. Who gets tired of cake? 
What would be the perfect cake-filled day for you? Eating the day away at all of my favorite bakeries.


What's next for you and your business? I'll have cupcakes turning up at Seattle's Frankly Sweets on Pier 55 on the weekends. It's an experiment for them and for me.


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