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Tutorial: How To Make A Cupcake Flower Topper

Photo: Cakeb0tI love modeling chocolate for cupcake toppers! Modeling chocolate is a yummy, soft alternative for gumpaste, and it's easy to make yourself. 

Above is a video tutorial on how to make a modeling chocolate and a yummy cupcake flower; below are the instructions!

Small rolling pin
Gumpaste flower cutter
Modeling Chocolate (click for complete recipe on Cakeb0t)

You also need:

Small round sprinkle for the center
Tooth pick or Craft knife


1. Take the modeling chocolate and knead it so it is just softened.

2. On a flat surface, roll out the modeling chocolate to the desired thickness of your flower. This flower was about 1/8" thick.

3. Press a flower cutter in the rolled modeling chocolate to create a flower. Pull away the excess.

4. Place a round sprinkle in the middle of the flower and shape the petals of the flower so they come up halfway toward the center.

5. With a craft knife or tooth pick, simply pick up with flower, and place it on top of your cupcake!

About the author: Binky Veloria is the songwriting, photo/video-taking pastry grad behind Cakeb0t.com. Binky shares free tutorials from her favorite decorators and from her own kitchen with anyone who loves to bake and decorate. Readers have the chance to sign upfor a free Buttercream eBooklet, along with behind-the-scenes videos and newsletters.

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that's awesome! great tutorial :) beautiful.

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