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The World is Magical and Sweet


This is not a fork in the road.

It is an arrow, pointing you toward wonderful things. Because (and perhaps you know this already)...the world is:

Made of magic

And in this world, if you look closely, you might just look past the ordinary...


and see the extraordinary.


Or you might turn your point of view around...


and see things are really quite sweet.


You might look at something you see every day... Theatre

in a new way. 


Or you might think... "I never thought of it that way!" Whoa

Or you just might find yourself where you least expect it!


Every day is an opportunity to find sweetness...both figuratively and literally!


Just a reminder to have a magical and sweet day.

Love, CakeSpy

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Reader Comments (6)

Oh what a wonderful world that would be to come across a giant slice of cake on my walk!
December 3 | Unregistered CommenterNicole
Magical fantastic world.
December 3 | Registered CommenterCakespy
I love it! Makes me wanna sing..It's a Marshmallow World! Thanks for the smile. :)
those shoes are amazing. =)
December 4 | Unregistered Commenterdanielle
Thanks everyone! Danielle - the shoes are BAMBOO brand. I love them.
December 4 | Registered CommenterCakespy
not that i don't like all your suh-weet recipes and adorable drawings, but THIS post? my favorite to date :)

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