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Cake Byte: Molly Moon's in Seattle offering Cinnamon Waffle Cones

Cinnamon waffle cones

Things that make me happy: Fall Flavors. Ice Cream.

But at Molly Moon's in Seattle, these things are coming together deliciously with house-made Cinnamon Waffle Cones.

Already Molly Moon's cones are a wonderful thing--they made my list of favorite scents in Seattle! But this autumn-friendly version sounds like it will work beautifully with the delicious, spicy flavors which proliferate and which we all seem to crave at this time of year. As they say on their site:

Around Molly Moon's, we've been loving the bright, crisp fall days and the chance to pull out our scarves & boots! We've also been dreaming of more fall spices in our ice cream menu.  After baking a loaf of cinnamon pumpkin bread at home, Molly came up with our latest fall offering -- Cinnamon Waffle Cones!  We've just added a heap of Organic Cinnamon to our eternally popular, olfactory signature Waffle Cone batter, and we're serving them up starting today.  Molly loves a big scoop of Pumpkin Clove Ice Cream or a double scoop of Melted Chocolate and Pumpkin Clove when she's really craving fall perfection.  Cinnamon Waffle Cones are here through the holidays!

Om nom nom. Of course, if you want to check out Molly Moon's ice cream but don't live in the Seattle area, they have a book too, Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream: Sweet Seasonal Recipes for Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Toppings Made with Local Ingredients --so you can create the magic at home!

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