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Ride 'Em, Cowgirl: The Cowgirl Cookie from Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco

Arizmendi Bakery, Cowgirl cookie

There is a word to describe how I feel about the Cowgirl Cookie from Arizmendi in San Francisco.

That word is Love.

Sort of like the love child of a raisin-free oatmeal cookie and a chocolate chip cookie, it's got a few other little somethings thrown in, and is of a perfect size: not huge, but not small—like the size of 1.5 smaller cookies. It's fat and dense but not leaden; it's crispy on the edges but soft and chewy on the inside. It's buttery and carbohydratey and sweet but a little salty-caramelly too.

It is a very good cookie.

But don't just go for the cookies: they also have delicious pizza, bread, and other carbohydrate-filled baked goods there, too. I'm just telling you what my current favorite thing is there. Plus, you can feel good about visiting this bakery because it's a co-op and their shared baking prowess and enthusiasm shows through in everything they do. So go ahead, get your hippie cookie on.

Arizmendi, various locations in the San Francisco bay area; I went to the one on Valencia Street. More information here.

Reader Comments (1)

I once lived a twenty minute walk from Arizmendi bakery and I had to urge myself from going there more than twice, thrice (so on..) a week. At first it was the Cowgirl cookie, then the chocolate mint, then the chocolate chip, then the chocolate cherry chunk... they blew me away and I was/still am DEEPLY IN LOVE.
January 14 | Unregistered Commenterzoë

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