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Sweet Discovery: Trenary Toast from Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Image: Trenary Toast website

Have you ever heard of Trenary Toast?

It's sort of like a cross between biscotti and cinnamon toast, and it's a specialty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I learned of it on The Splendid Table and nearly broke everything in my path to google the stuff.

To learn a little more about the sweet itself, I'll give you the description from the Trenary House Bakery website:

Our toast is made from a sweet white bread, baked fresh daily. To create our cinnamon toast, we paint the bread with a wash and hand coat each piece with a tantalizing cinnamon and sugar mixture. It is then baked again to acheive that delicious crispy crunch for dunking into your favorite beverage.

As Jane and Michael Stern echo, "Like biscotti and zwieback, Trenary Toast is a brittle breadstuff eminently suitable for dunking."

Seems that this has been a specialty of the area since the 1930s, when the bakery was built; even through the time the bakery (with living quarters) was changed to a boarding house, and then back to a bakery (which it is now), the toast has been a mainstay. 

You can order online, or as they urge on the site,

Come and visit us in Trenary in the heart of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula and try some of our delicious Trenary Toast in the familiar brown bag, have a cup of coffee and freshly baked Cinnamon Roll. Take yourself back in time when everything was fresh and sweet to the taste. A simplier time, hand crafted by people who care.

Sounds good to me. Find out more at the Trenary Home Bakery website!

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Reader Comments (4)

I've never heard of Trenary Toast but I can close my eyes and feel it against my teeth. Now if I could get the flavor right. LOL
January 21 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen
I come from Michigan's Upper Peninsula and have had Trenary Toast many a time. I thank you so much for including this in your blog! :) Such a wonderful reminder of home, as I now live in the Chicago area. Cheers to you!
January 27 | Unregistered CommenterHeather Smith
A while back you made a brief mention of this on your site, which prompted me to order two bags of the toast (also their old world style rye). It is delicious with a fantastic crunch. It makes me happy when I have a slice.
February 7 | Unregistered CommenterBill P
Oh my gosh! I was born and raised in the UP. It's so nice to see my homeland on such a cool website! This made my whole day.

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