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Sweet News: Bakesale for Japan at CakeSpy Shop on April 2nd

Photo: Jackie BaisaConsider this your official reminder. This Saturday, April 2, at CakeSpy Shop, we're gonna bring a little sweetness to those who may be struggling in Japan.

Here's how we're gonna do it. With a Bakesale for Japan, hosted at CakeSpy Shop! (415 E. Pine Street, Capitol Hill, Seattle).

This is a national project, and in Seattle, bakers will be gathering and selling baked goods for this sweet cause at my little shop in Capitol Hill. You will have plenty of delicious things to choose from, including sweet treats by these celebrity bakers:

The Sated Palate (she will be making cupcakes and possibly Nanaimo Bars too)

The Harvest Vine (she will be making "buns of love", which you probably already want without even knowing what they are, and chocolate-hazelnut tarts)

Not Martha (she will be making "Jars of Stars"--jars of star-shaped cookies, like OMG)

Sugar Rush Baking (the owner will be making mini cupcakes adorably packaged in egg cartons)

Here are the details of the project:

When: Saturday, April 2nd from 9am-1pm

Who: Professional and amateur bakers, cooks, artists, artisans, and musicians coming together around food to make something BIG happen.

How: Want to help? We’ll need bakers, artists, volunteers, and lots and lots of customers. Please send offers of help to seattlebakesale@gmail.com

Why: So we can donate BIG BUCKS to Peace Winds Japan and help our brothers and sisters over there in the best way we can. Stay tuned for details.

But don't hesitate! The sale will be over once we sell out (and trust me, we WILL sell out). Once again, if you want to be part of it, please emailseattlebakesale@gmail.com.

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Reader Comments (3)

yes on the nanaimo bars + nesting egg cupcakes. also on the baking agenda for saturday: homemade pink cookies (the soft kind with the generous layer of pale pink cream cheese frosting)
If The Sated Palate is baking, I know it's gonna be good!! Thanks to Cakespy for hosting this fundraising event! Can I pre-order???
March 31 | Unregistered CommenterSassyCityGirl
Thanks so much for taking part in this so my hometown of Seattle is well represented in this good cause. You are how I found out about the event in the first place and now I'm organizing the bake sale in the other Washington - DC! Good luck to you tomorrow. It sounds like you'll have some amazing goodies to offer. :D

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