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Pi Oh My: Make a Pi-Shaped Pie, for Pi Day

There is some disagreement over when to celebrate Pie Day. Some (including the American Pie Council) cite January 23 as the day, the reason allegedly being that the digits of 1/23 are "easy as pie." Others (generally math nerds) say it must be March 14, or "Pi" Day.

Of course, this is a very silly argument, because really, it's an opportunity to enjoy pie on two separate occasions, whether baked at home or at a roadside stand, cafe, or bakery. But as a shout-out to the math nerds, here's a Pi-shaped Pie for March 14.

Use the template with your favorite pie crust and use whatever filling you'd like (I used peanut butter and chocolate chips), but know that it's best enjoyed at 1:59 PM...and 26 seconds.

For the full entry and recipe, visit Serious Eats! For more fun pie times, come to CakeSpy Shop tonight for Seattle's first PIE SLAM!

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Reader Comments (3)

I was thinking of making a squre pie since "pi r squared," but I simply made an apple pi(e) for the hubby and I since we also happen to share our anniversary with today! We also were the ones who had pi shaped cookies for wedding favors to celebrate the little bit of nerdiness that is oh-so-fitting for two engineers getting married! Love that yours is shaped like a pi!
March 14 | Unregistered CommenterCaroline
Love the pi pie! I made s'more pie :) http://www.theliteratebaker.com/2011/03/happy-pi-day.html

I also learned that we can eat double pie on June 28 because circumference is also expressed as 2πr! Woohoo!
March 15 | Unregistered CommenterDawn
This is a reason to love math. This "pi" is so cute!
January 25 | Unregistered Commentersugarninja

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