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Spectacular Semlor: A Sweet Trip To Lux Dessert och Choklad With Cake Gumshoe Nicholas

CakeSpy Note: So, I have a totally sweet customer named Nicholas. He's basically the ideal customer: he comes in and buys stuff, and then tells me all about the delicious sweets he eats when he travels the world. Just looking at his pictures is bound to evoke some seriously sweet wanderlust. Here's where he's been recently:

More treats! This time from Lux Dessert och Choklad in Stockholm. This is a Semla (Semlor in plural), and it's a seasonal pastry here.

It used to be that it was served only in the days before lent, but now it's available from Christmas to Easter.

This particular one was ranked best in the city, and it was really really good. The bun is cardamom, which has been hollowed out and then filled with a sweet almond paste, which is then topped with fresh whip cream and the top of the bun. 

Yeah, that's right. Get yourself to Stockholm! Curious to learn more? Learn more about Lux Dessert och Choklad here.

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A properly constructed dessert shooter will give you and your guests just enough taste of something delicious to top off any filling meal. 
January 17 | Unregistered Commenterdessert cup

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