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CakeSpy Undercover: Sugar Bakery, West Roxbury, MA

Sugar Bakery, West Roxbury, MA

Not long ago, when I was in Boston for my Tour de Sweet Book tour, I happened upon a bakery that had a name I liked: Sugar Bakery, located in West Roxbury.

I liked the look of things once I went inside, too. They had whoopie pies:

Sugar Bakery, West Roxbury, MA

and cupcakes:

Sugar Bakery, West Roxbury, MA

and cookies:

Sugar Bakery, West Roxbury, MA

and something really magical called Alpine Cake, which I want to try next time.

Sugar Bakery, West Roxbury, MA

but on this trip I kept it simple and got the toasted anise cookie with icing and rainbow sprinkles (or jimmies, if you must).

Sugar Bakery, West Roxbury, MA

Not only was this cookie pretty to look at, but it was sweet to eat: buttery-crumbly, slightly softer than a typical biscotti and fatter, and scented with anise, but not in an overpowering way. It was a perfect post-breakfast cookie after a massive morning feast at the nearby Rox Diner, and ideal when paired with milky coffee.

So you know what I say? Go to Sugar Bakery in West Roxbury.

Sugar Bakery, 1884 Centre Street, West Roxbury MA. Online here.

Sugar Bakery on Urbanspoon

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Reader Comments (1)

The Alpine Cakes are my favorite. I actually had them make it as my wedding cake.

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