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Virtual Tour de Sweet, Stop 10: Homemade Toaster Pastries by BGSK Small Kitchen College

Photo: BGSK


CakeSpy Note: My book tour has already begun--online, that is! Marking stop 8 for the virtual Tour de Sweet blog tour is BGSK, who tarted things up with these homemade toaster pastries. As they sweetly put it in the post,

In her book, Jessie writes, “I strive to bring a sense of fun and fearlessness to baking, and I hope this book will inspire you to do the same.” To encourage such inspiration, last week Cakespy kicked off her first virtual blog tour by inviting different bloggers to comment and try out her recipes. As the ninth stop on the tour, I wanted to prepare something that would appeal to college students’ unique food preferences while also being relatively easy and inexpensive.

Perhaps not as cliche as college students’ relationship with ramen noodles, students love the convenience and cheap taste of pop tarts. In her book, Cakespy includes a recipe for Homemade Toaster Treats that is easy enough for even the baking-challenged. Requiring simple ingredients and just a little elbow grease, the recipe produces buttery and flaky pastries that can be filled with almost anything, and so in my case I chose to fill them with Nutella. Although my attempt at the treats required a little extra milk and a few extra minutes in the oven, the results were scrumptious. As Cakespy says, “this version doesn’t fare as well in the toaster, but it sure has a leg up on either commercial variety in the deliciousness department.”

For the full post and recipe, visit BGSK's Small Kitchen College site!


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Reader Comments (2)

Cupcakes are my latest passion. But I love to look at all the cute ones people come up with even more than making them myself. That does not stop me from buying everything needed to duplicate the projects. I keep getting redirected to the cutest blogs, including yours here today and I really think these are the cutest cupcakes. They look good to eat too! All my hobbies and interests reflect my looking and not doing. I collect cupcake wrappers and toppers, scrapbook paper, quilt material, etc. Now I just need to do something. Oh well back to the blogs.
October 20 | Unregistered CommenterSusan Parr
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