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The Secret Lives of Cupcakes

Um. What.

What do cupcakes do after the bakery closes? This is a question I think about a lot. I like to imagine them as little elves, getting to the real work of misbehaving and making magic after hours. And after I received this wonderful batch of cupcakes decorated to look like my Cuppie character at the CakeSpy Official Book Launch Party, made by New York Cupcakes and wearing wrappers by Bella Cupcake Couture, I had a chance to see for myself. Here's what they did:

This little cupcake took a ride on a pug...

Cupcake riding a pug!

This little cupcake helped me bake...

Cupcake helped me make frosting

This little cupcake considered cannibalism...

These look great!

These little cupcakes like Bakerella...

I just love Cake Pops!

This little cupcake didn't even know it was being hunted...

Pugs want cupcakes

This little cupcake dreamed of unicorns...

Cupcakes dream of unicorns

This little cupcake enjoyed the harvest...

Mellowcreme pumpkins surrounding cupcake

These little cupcakes hung out with some hotties...


This little cupcake made a big mess...

Cupcake from book launch party

This little cupcake didn't fear death...

Naughty cupcake!

But perhaps he ought to have.

Goodnight, sweet cupcake

...the end.


Epilogue: a giveaway! For week 2 of the CakeSpy book giveaway bonanza, simply leave a comment on this post answering the question: have you ever encountered a sweet treat that was so cute that you couldn't eat it? Be honest. The winner will receive a signed copy of CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life and will be chosen at random on Thursday, October 27, at 5pm PST. Entrants from all over the world welcome!

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Reader Comments (118)

Um, I hardly find treats "too cute to eat." Instead, I look at them for a while, admire them, then polish them off. How can you NOT eat your treat? I'm too weak...
October 24 | Unregistered CommenterRachel
Yes....(blush)...Once, I stopped at a candy store while shopping with my Grandma and Sis, and ecountered these little gumball delios....They were made from basic colored gumballs and decorated with Fondant, Gum Paste, and Frosting to form cute little creations like Clowns, Unicorns, and Giraffes! When asked if I wanted one by my Grandma, I simply said no. I couldn't eat those! They were too intricate, and it looked like someone spent a lot of time on them....So, i got some Licorice instead, but to this day, I still kinda wish i would have gotten one..... :~/
October 24 | Unregistered CommenterMegan
If it looks yummy, it's in my belly - no matter how cute it is :)
October 24 | Unregistered CommenterRoxanne :)
I have seen many great Desserts and saved some for an extra day, but my sweet tooth always wins
October 24 | Unregistered CommenterEric
the cake I made for my sister's baby shower! It was a jungle themed cake with three little tigers on it. It was really really cute, I could barely hold the knife up to it.. But it was quite delicious.. :)
October 25 | Unregistered CommenterAmy
The cuter it is the better it probably tastes so nooooo I have to eat it in the end!
October 25 | Unregistered CommenterTina
This $10 dollar cupcake from this upscale japanese bakery. It was decorated so adorabely with a cute face and tiny outfit!
October 25 | Unregistered CommenterAshley
I would never want to offend the artist by not eating the artwork they had worked so hard to create. That's my story and I'm sticking with it =)
October 25 | Unregistered CommenterLinda
Never . . . as cute as a cupcake may be . . . the taste of it always beats the cuteness of it! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yummie in my Tummie :o)
October 25 | Unregistered CommenterSandraTran
Yes I have, multiple times, especially with the cute animal petifores and sugar eggs with little frosting animals inside
October 25 | Unregistered CommenterRosie
Well, I came close once but my sweet tooth overruled!
A sweet that was too cute to eat.... hmmm....

Nope, I have no mercy upon the divine. :-)
October 26 | Unregistered CommenterHeather
One of my friends made me miniature frosted blueberry gluten free cup cakes. They were so adorable (and the gesture so sweet) I couldn't bring myself to eat them.
October 26 | Unregistered CommenterLily
Omgosh you ladies are all too cute! I love this so much, puts a huge happy smile on my face:). But I have to admit as cute as this, your treats, or any other sweet treats may be, I will still devour them! I can't help myself, I love me some sweets. Congratulations on the book!
October 26 | Unregistered CommenterFabiola
Almost! A cookie monster cupcake! I had to eat his eyes so that he didn't know he was about to be destroyed...
October 26 | Unregistered CommenterRachel
Yes! I never want to be the first one to pick apart a great gingerbread house or bite into a great cake pop design. They are like little works of art.
October 27 | Unregistered CommenterSabrina
Well, I have seen really cute sweets on Pinterest that I would NEVER be able to eat because of their cuteness!!!!!
Love your artwork! I found out about you and your artwork on Bakerella!
So excited that you have a book out!
October 27 | Unregistered CommenterMaralena
Until I had my two boys I never thought anything was too cute to eat. Then my son's first birthday came around and my sister-in-law made Backyardigans cupcakes. They were perfectly crafted and I admired the skill and creativity put into them but didn't necessarily think they were too cute to eat by any means. I went to take a bite out of one decorated as Tyrone the Moose and my son looses it - "Mommy, mommy, no no Tyroneeeeeee!" That was it for me. I will never look at cutesy desserts the same. This year I had to step into the other room teary eyed as they cut through Lightning McQueens fondant windshield - it was just too much.
October 30 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Bolton

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