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CakeSpy Undercover: Simply Sweet, Snohomish, WA

CakeSpy Note: This is a report from CakeSpy junior trainee freelance remote spy team (bicycle division), comprised of sweet duo Steve and Denise (she of banana bread fame). And yes, this answers the other question you had: "does CakeSpy have a junior  trainee freelance remote spy team (bicycle division)?"

We assigned ourselves the mission to investigate Simply Sweet, the new cupcake shop in Snohomish.  On a rainy Sunday morning, we climbed on our red two-person bicycle and headed North, working up an appetite as we went.

Simply Sweet is on First Street in Snohomish, the historic "main street".  The location used to be a barber shop; look for the glass cabinet doors that still have "Fitch's shampoo" painted on them.

We selected two cupcakes and three "mini" cupcakes for our reconnaissance.  We compiled a photographic dossier on our subjects, shortly before eating them with extreme prejudice.

Our full-size cupcakes were: chocolate with lemon frosting, and vanilla with orange frosting (which Denise likes to call a "creamsicle" cupcake).

Our minis were: vanilla with vanilla frosting, vanilla with rasperry frosting, and red velvet.

The red velvet had a cream-cheese frosting, while all the others had buttercream.

We both agreed that the cupcakes were really good.  The cupcakes had a perfect soft texture and were not dry at all.  The frosting was excellent, and applied with a generous hand.  We have had some buttercream frosting that really tastes like butter; this frosting had a smooth balance of flavor, with no single ingredient calling attention to itself.  The fruit flavored frostings contained just the right amount of fruit flavor: delicate, but unmistakable.

Steve's favorite was the red velvet.  He declares the Simply Sweet red velvet to be his favorite red velvet cupcake of any local cupcakes he has tried.

Denise's favorite was the "orange creamsicle".

Steve decided to try the coffee as well.  Simply Sweet serves Vital Joe coffee, the "First Street Blend", drip coffee only.

Steve liked the coffee and recommends it.  Coffee condiments currently are limited to sugar and liquid non-dairy creamer; perhaps later Simply Sweet will offer milk or cream, and alternative sweeteners.  (However, it should be noted that Simply Sweet is just across the street from Java Inn, a complete coffee/espresso shop that roasts their own beans.  It would be easy to put together a Java Inn drink with some Simply Sweet cupcakes.)

We both recommend Simply Sweet.  When you are in Snohomish, go check it out.

Sorry, this message will not self-destruct in five seconds.  (Maybe after we graduate from "junior" status.) However, you could always print out a copy of this message and then run it through a paper shredder.

Simply Sweet, 1206.5 1st Street, Snohomish, WA; online at simplysweetcupcakes.com.

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Reader Comments (6)

I would love to know what icing tips they used to create the swirls on those cupcakes. Do you have any idea?

Mmm, cupcakes... undercover! Yay! Sure looks like a successful mission ;) The best kind of mission there is :D


July 3 | Unregistered CommenterWei-Wei

Thanks for the nice update w/ lovely photos. Also, thanks for anwering 'the question', as it was burning away in my mind.

Printed and shredded. Mission accomplished.

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