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Cake Byte: Gamma Ray Games Anniversary, There Will Be Cupcakes

The best part about owning a store? Well, other than the boatloads of cash that customer throw at me on a daily basis, that is?

Totally sweet neighbors. 

Next to CakeSpy Shop in Capitol Hill are a suite of totally sweet shops, including Spine and Crown Books, Zero Zero Hair Salon, and Gamma Ray Games. And soon, the latter will be celebrating their one year anniversary--and there will be cupcakes. From another Capitol Hill institution, Cupcake Royale.

So why not help my sweet neighbors celebrate, since you'll probably be in the neighborhood draining your bank account at my store anyway? There will be games, and an art exhibition to help you digest your delicious cupcakes.

Save the date: Gamma Ray Games 1 Year Anniversary - July 6. There will be cupcakes.

For more info, visit gammaraygamestore.com.

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