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Prettier in Pink: An Updated History on Uncle Seth's Pink Frosted Cookie

It's fun to revisit the past sometimes, isn't it?

It's been a few years since this post about the history of Seattle regional specialty the Pink Frosted Cookie, so just to update you, here's the original post which included the history of the cookie from the official Pinks Original Bakery (formerly Mostly Muffins) site (the company which purchased the cookie's rights and recipe):

Uncle Seth’s Cookie was a concept developed from a passion of fun and feeling good. From the high mountain tops of Bali came the inspiration for the feel good cookie. Danny Brown, the originator and inventor of the Original Pink, also known as an Uncle Seth Cookie, found a kindred spirit in a man named Seth. Seth moved from a crazed urban setting better known as the City, to live his dream of peace in the mountains. The namesake of the Uncle Seth Cookie gave tribute to this man named Seth who changed his life for the sake of fun and happiness. To bring a bit of that passion and fun to light, Danny created a cookie that says eat me because you can. This cookie has a good aura. After nine years of hand rolling this Danish Shortbread, Danny too, decided to head for the hills. Mostly Muffins purchased Uncle Seth’s Cookies in 1996 and Danny was off to live in Hawaii!

Mostly Muffins now proudly carries on the tradition of fun and feeling good by serving the Original Pink to the entire Northwest community. Eat one of the Original Pink Cookies and you can’t help but smile!

But since this writeup, a few of the blanks have been filled in, per an email from a Provo, UT reader:

The Pink Cookies craze actually started in Provo, UT. (Danny's home town). I remember seeing the girls frosting the Pink cookies by hand in a little store front shop just South of the BYU campus. This was in 1983 - 1984 time frame. I lived across the street and I would buy the broken frosted cookies from them for real cheap,  The Pink Cookie craze grew all over Provo and then expanded to others area of Utah county and Salt lake City. 

Danny saw a good business idea and moved to Seattle to start the Pink Cookie craze in Seattle.  When he moved to Hawaii, he helped start a bakery in Halaiwa, on the North shore of Oahu. 

And even further, there is this tale from the Orem, UT-based Granny B, who also claims to have invented the cookie:

Granny B (Blackett) was born on November 08, 1915. She loved making cookies for others, and she loved sitting down with her children and enjoying these fresh-baked goodies. Using prized family recipes, Granny B learned to create the softest and most delicious cookies – cookies that tranformed every-day occasions into delightful celebrations. She would be tickled pink to know how many “celebrations” her Granny B cookies create for folks across the country every day.

Granny B passed on the love of baking delicious cookies to her daughter, Diane. As Diane remembers, “We would spend hours together talking and baking.  It was great fun and where I learned all the little baking secrets”  With Diane in the kitchen, the Blackett family cookies began decorating more events, celebrating more parties, and rewarding and motivating more good behavior from her brothers. The pink cookie became a family recipe for fun.

A magnet on the fridge read, “A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands.”

So, as it seems, the cookie does have a storied past in multiple cities--perhaps this also explains why such delicious variations (not pink frosted, but tastes just as good--even better) can be found in the Provo area!

But why is it that the cookie thrived in Seattle? I'm still sticking to my original theory: it comes down to two things. The first aspect is timing: the cookie got its start being sold in coffee carts just as the coffee business was starting up in earnest in Seattle; naturally, they would appeal for the same reasons that coffee is so popular in the area--the climate just begs for rich treats and coffee during those rainy days that take up oh, eight months of the year. The second and perhaps more important aspect? Duh--The frosting color. there's no secret that pink frosting tastes better than any other color.

Not in the Seattle or Provo area but want a pink frosted cookie? I hear you: similar-looking products can be found online at Granny B's here--or--even better, we found a recipe which is said to yield a very similar taste to the original Uncle Seth's Cookie, right here at allrecipes.com.



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Reader Comments (10)

Perfect! Now that I am on the East Coast, I am craving Uncle Seth's....with the recipe link, I can try my hand at making my own!


May 13 | Unregistered CommenterOwlchick

Ooh thanks for the recipe link! I buy one almost every time I'm back in Seattle and always think about buying lots more so I can be well-stocked when I return to San Diego, now I can just make fresh ones for myself! =)

May 13 | Unregistered CommenterPenguinBot

I tend to believe the PNW version!! I live in Portland and by them at Nordstrom's coffee bar. As far as the recipe goes, I think they have some cardamom in them, and cream cheese either in the cookie or the icing.

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so rad!! never had one but now totally want to try one! love th packaging with the psychedelic font. hmm, what's aCTUALLY in the pink cookie!?

May 14 | Unregistered Commenterlyndsay

What's not to like about a thickly frosted pink cookie? I think it would be especially yummy if the frosting was flavored with just the slightest hint of cherry or strawberry.

Are these cookies similar to the Lofthouse frosted sugar cookies that have a cake-like cookie, super soft and yummy?

May 14 | Unregistered CommenterJodi

I so love pink frosted cookies; they are like heaven in a small little package and are perfect with coffee. Delicious, no matter where they were 'invented'.

May 14 | Unregistered CommenterAnne-Marie

It's so fun that certain areas develop regional identity through food. I regret that I never tried a pink cookie the two times I've been to Seattle. :-(

May 14 | Unregistered CommenterRen

Hello Everyone!
I am the owner of PINKS Original Bakery which bought The Uncle Seth Cookie company from Danny Brown way back in the day. Danny, Seth, Anne and I met while delivery pastries in the middle of the night to all the downtown coffee shops back in the early 90's.

The story I inherited from Danny was that he did his mission in Denmark (he was raised Mormon) and learned how to make this version while living there. He said it was pink cookie bootcamp and the attention to detail and quality learned there was passed on to POB. We still hand frost these cookies and use the original recipes which specific brands of flours, sugars, flavorings, et and very exacting mixing instructions.

The name Uncle Seth came from this spiritual doode they met in the mountains (they were avid skiers) and he inspired them so much they named the cookie after him.

I have to say the cookie recipe is like no other I have seen and to this day very difficult to train and make. I am grateful and proud to carry on this Seattle tradition!
Thanks for the article Cakespy....I am big fan:)


May 17 | Unregistered CommenterMolly
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