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I'd Crumble For You: Blackout Crumb Bars Recipe

So. There may be something that makes me happier than a good bar cookie, but just at the moment, nothing is coming to mind.

That having been said, let's discuss the Blackout Crumb Bar, a recipe I discovered on the inside label of Love N Bake's "Chocolate Schmear" filling. 

But first things first. What is this chocolate schmear business? I came into this bounty not long ago when aforementioned company sent me a sample. It comes in a can sort of like almond paste that you'll find in the grocery store baking aisle--only it's chocolate. It's got this incredibly thick texture, and in the name of science I felt it necessary to take a spoonful before baking with it (it tastes good on its own. Whew!).

But it has found its perfect vehicle with the Chocolate Blackout Crumb Bar. Kind of like a cross between crumb cake and fudge bar cookies, these babies are dense, chocolate, crumbly and buttery--that is to say, pretty delicious. And while it's a slight stretch, I still think these bars are a very appropriate way to celebrate National Coffee Cake Day.

Chocolate Blackout Crumb Bars

Adapted from Love N Bake


  • 1 1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) unsalted butter
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • ¼ cup brown sugar, tightly packed
  • 1 teaspoon salt (original recipe calls for just 1/4 teaspoon but I like salt)
  • 1 can (minus a spoonful or two) Love'n Bake Chocolate "Schmear" Filling


Grease a 9-inch square pan with butter and line with parchment paper. Set aside. Beat the butter in a large mixing bowl until creamy. Beat in the flour, sugar and salt until well mixed. Reserve ½ cup of the crumb mixture. With floured hands press the remaining crumbs into the bottom of the prepared pan.

Bake in a preheated 350ºF oven until edges are golden brown, approximately 10 to 12 minutes. Spread the baked crust with the "Schmear" Chocolate Filling. Sprinkle the reserved crumbs over the chocolate. Continue baking the pastry until the crumbs have browned approximately 25 to 30 minutes. Cool completely on a wire rack then cut into bars.

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Reader Comments (11)

...I think I'm going to skip lunch and have dessert now.

April 7 | Unregistered Commenteremilyadi

WHY is this schmear NOT available where I live??? I don't think I can rest until I've made this.

I really love this idea. Yummy! It just looks so odd, but delicious. When I first looked at this picture, I couldn't stop staring. Ha ha. This is a great blog. I really enjoyed my visit here.

April 7 | Unregistered CommenterElana

yum this looks so good. i try to take to work some of this to keep me going.
looks great

April 7 | Unregistered CommenterMaaya

wow this is so simple and so tasty. i love ths recipe

April 7 | Unregistered CommenterRecipeman

looks great! thanks.
refreshing idea for Crumb Bar

April 7 | Unregistered CommenterVegMan

to courteous chihuahua-think you can order the schmear from the king arthur flour co. i have in the past, hopefully they still carry it, cuz i really wanna make these!

April 11 | Unregistered Commenterpenguins40

Thanks for trying the Schmear. For a salt lovers, try sprinkling the surface of the crumbs before baking with a flaky salt such as fleur de sel or Malden sea salt. You'll get that salty sweet contrast.

Addicting those crumb bars.

I have made these amazing bars in the past. In fact, I altered the recipe and added some roasted almonds and sprinkled a bit of sea salt before baking - Delicious! The schmear is amazing on its own. Try the cinnamon schmear too, so yummy!

April 12 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

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August 10 | Unregistered Commenterwasai
I've seen this product before in certain stores. A version in a jar is sold at a kosher grocery store in Brooklyn as "liquid marble" and it is also excellent when lightly swirled into a yellow vanilla pound cake or used as a filling in rugelach.
July 12 | Unregistered CommenterRose

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