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Sweet Art: Dip for Illustration Friday

Not to alarm you, but I'm pretty sure Cuppie just double-dipped. Not cool, Cuppie.

Done for this week's Illustration Friday theme of Dip.

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Reader Comments (11)

A Cuppie after my own heart, Margies and Chips & Salsa!

April 6 | Unregistered CommenterAli

Cupcakes and margaritas. I just went straight to my happy place!

April 6 | Unregistered CommenterMyra

That's MY kind of cuppie! ;)

hahaha! this is priceless! I love it!

Cupcake sappin' my Salsa!

I love it! :D

April 6 | Unregistered CommenterPezdispenser

Oh no, Cuppie cooties!

April 6 | Unregistered CommenterFelicity

Nice goin' cuppie!

April 7 | Unregistered CommenterSimonette

Adorable! I won't hold it against him...

I dip, you dip, we dip!

April 7 | Unregistered CommenterRae

Cuppie is too cool... double dippin' or not.

April 8 | Unregistered CommenterJGoode

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