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Cinematic Sweets: An Oscar Dessert Roundup

So, the Oscars are coming up on Sunday--do you have your menu planned? It's a good idea to stock up on sweetness--you'll need it to get through all of those long-winded speeches!

In case you missed the best picture-inspired sweet recipes I've been doing for Serious Eats for the past month, here's a roundup:

An Education? Pshaw. Far more delicious is An Educaketion, a Battenberg cake brimming with buttercream, amaretto, and marzipan.

Avatar is a long movie, and you're going to need a snack or four to get through it. Time for some Avatarts!

Inglourious Basterds is an intense movie, and deserves an equally intense dessert: how 'bout some Inglourious Custards?

Up is sweet, but this 7-Up cake inspired by the movie is even sweeter.

Up in the Air? Up in Eclair!

CakeSpy Note: Of course, you may also enjoy Bakerella's creative suite of Oscar sweets!

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Reader Comments (1)

Can making cakes be an art form?

It surely is with 'Whimsical Bakehouse' (the book).

Give us 3 Memorable Baking Scenes in movies (with links to it if possible) and you might be the lucky winner of a copy of this funtastic book.

Details in If Cat in the Hat was a Baker, Whimsical Bakehouse Book Contest and Cover Recipe on 'Serge the Concierge'

Bonne Chance

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