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Sweet Love: A Bakery Crush on Bubblecake Bake Shop, Roanoke VA

Photo c/o the Bubblecake Bake Shop Facebook PageUh oh. It's happened again--I've been hit by a sweet cupid's arrow, and the object of my affections? Bubblecake Bake Shop in Roanoke, Virginia.

CakeSpy reader Haley alerted me to this source of sweetness in the Mid-Atlantic, saying

I sadly didn't have my camera with me, so I didn't get any pictures of the cupcakes or the store, but were they both adorable! The place has a pink front door, a front lawn with the cutest furniture, and a covered patio on the backside of the store.

but the cutness doesn't end at the decor--oh no. Their wares are fresh and sweet--as Haley continues,

I couldn't rave more about the cupcakes though! They were all fresh, most were still on baking pans. My friend got me a twelve pack... they were all chocolately, moist, and delicious.

But the highlight?

BROWNIE CUPCAKES, exuse my caplocks, but I was complete suprised. I thought I was eating a normal chocolate cupcake, and what do you know.

And of course, it doesn't hurt that Bubblecakes prides itself on giving you a free cupcake for your birthday--their white/buttercake flavored with strawberry or blueberry icing with a happy birthyday M&M on top.

Oh, Bubblecake Bake Shop, you had me at hello.

Curious? Bubblecake Bake Shop has two Roanoke locations; find directions and more information on their website, bubblecake.com. They're also on Facebook and Twitter!

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Reader Comments (1)

this is awesome ! I was randomly reading your blog, and I saw this title and shrieked a bit because.. I am from Roanoke and love Bubblecake to the end. Their brownie cupcakes.......oh ....man.

What's even cooler is the restaurant beside them, Fork In The Alley, sells their cupcakes on their menu as a dessert item.

March 29 | Unregistered Commenterella

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