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God Save the Kouign: Kouign Amann from Le Reve, Seattle

"I like croissants, obviously. But I liked the firmer texture of this thing." - Mr. CakeSpy

So, even if you've never heard of Kouign Amann (don't worry, it's not pronounced the way I tried to say it at first, either), maybe you've got an idea of what it's like to eat.

But what...is it, exactly?

I like the explanation on this site: "Kouign Amann is a wickedly delicious little cake made from bread dough and plenty of butter and sugar and more butter and sugar. Multi layers of dough, butter and sugar are pressed into a thick cake which is slowly baked until the sugar caramelizes. "

I've had the very good fortune to sample this sweet treat in Paris, but more recently, was delighted to discover it at new-ish Seattle bakery Le Rêve. They have a bunch of French-y specialties mixed in with American sweets at their Upper Queen Anne location, but I zeroed right in on the Amann. 

After asking and being told it is actually pronounced something like "Queen Ah-mahn", I went home with the goods. Our thoughts?

This denser, more sugary cousin to the croissant is a thing of buttery beauty indeed. A very satisfying breakfast, and very nice when served with jam (because fruit makes it healthy). We are excited to check out more of the sweet treats at this new spot, and are delighted that Kouign Amann may be a growing trend--I have heard that Bakery Nouveau will be offering it soon (if not already!).

CakeSpy Note: Want to make some for your very own self? Find a recipe and more lore on the David Lebovitz site.

Le Rêve Bakery & Café on Urbanspoon

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Reader Comments (7)

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that they have Kouign Amann at Honore Bakery in Ballard. What an amazing and delicious treat it is! Now I will have to check out the Le Reve version. If Bakery Nouveau starts making these my January diet will be ruined since we live very close to there!
December 30 | Unregistered CommenterElizabethC
Elizabeth: Freaking awesome, I have to try Honore's version too! it's officially one of my favorite foods. And replace "ruined" with "made awesomer" and you're on the right page. ;-)
December 30 | Registered CommenterCakespy
They make a killer one of these at Honore Bakery in Ballard on 70th but I am glad Bakery Nouveau will be making them so I can compare.
December 31 | Unregistered CommenterLauren H
Fuji Bakery makes a bizarre apple-filled one, but I think that's at their Bellevue shop only. I think Honore's is better than La Reve's, though I haven't been to Honore in some time. Favorite in state, though, is probably at Colville Street Patisserie in Walla Walla. Actually, everything I've had there has been great, and the gelato and sorbet choices are also delicious. (Happy New Year!)
January 1 | Unregistered CommenterJay
It's Amelie's Famous Plum Cake! ^_^


Totally worth making it, but next time I'm in the northeast I'll pick one up for sure.
January 2 | Unregistered CommenterMarcelina
Le Reve is my favorite bakery in Seattle, hands down! The food, atmosphere and staff make it quite a unique experience. If you haven't stopped by yet, please do! The last time I was there I had a Beef Bourginion Pot Pie that knocked my socks off :)
January 11 | Unregistered CommenterMr Mister
Went to Bakery Nouveau today and the guy behind the counter didn't know what I talking about when I asked if they had Kouign Amann. Big disappointment!
February 4 | Unregistered CommenterRobert

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